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Bran: US gives ‘kick in hip’ to Govt policies

The US has delivered “another kick in the hip” to the Government’s conduct of economic policy with its latest transparency concerns over public sector contracts, the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader charged yesterday.

Bran promises ease to exchange control

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader has pledged to ease the Bahamas’ exchange control regime if elected to office, and to make the Bahamas known as a “country open for business”.

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Bran: Govt should say sorry for selling a dream

THE government has been called upon to apologise to the Bahamian people for trying to sell them the “far-fetched dream” that majority shares in the Bahamas Telecommunications Company have been reacquired.

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A New Year message from the DNA

As we look forward to a better year, this 2014, most of us would admit that 2013 was not a good year.

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DNA leader calls for curfew to tackle crime

BAHAMIANS have a right to “be afraid” over crime in the country, according to DNA Leader Branville McCartney.

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DNA seeks proactive stance on shanty towns

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney is calling on the country to take a proactive approach to the risks that shanty-towns present in the wake of a fire claiming two lives and leaving hundreds homeless in Abaco.

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McCartney: It's time to draw the line in the sand

IN LIGHT of the recent tragedy in Fox Hill, the Commissioner of Police commented that he must draw the line in the sand regarding the criminal activity in the Bahamas. This is indeed good to hear but that line should have been drawn years ago, not only by the Commissioner but by the government of the day – past and present.

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BRAN: Fox Hill murders - A sad state of affairs

IT IS with a great sense of sadness for our nation that I sit here today to pen my personal thoughts of the state of our nation. The recent killings in Fox Hill and the number of murders for the year, not to mention the number of persons killed in the last five years, is heartbreaking to say the least.

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BRAN: Declare war on crime

DNA leader Branville McCartney said the government must declare war on crime, or the citizens of the Bahamas will never be safe.

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As VAT draft bill is published, DNA urges alternatives

WITH the draft legislation for Value Added Tax finally released to the public with only a month before it is set to be debated in Parliament, DNA leader Branville McCartney is urging the government to consider alternatives.

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DNA dismisses PM's VAT comments as 'nonsense'

DNA leader Branville McCartney has dismissed Prime Minister Perry Christie’s latest comments on Value Added Tax as “utter nonsense” and criticised the government for trying to ram what could prove to be a disastrous tax system down the throats of Bahamians.

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Bran: Laws put Bahamians at disadvantage to foreign investors

FREEPORT – Okyanos Heart Institute plans to begin cardiac stem cell therapy on patients in Grand Bahama in February 2014.

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Bran calls for calm heads in controversy

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney called for “calm and sensible heads” to prevail in the Cuban detainee abuse controversy.

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YOUR SAY: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

NO matter what your political affiliation, you would agree that there is a feeling of despair and hopelessness in our country.

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Bran: Govt must invest in new technology to fight illegal immigration

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney said the government must invest in new technology in the fight against illegal immigration.

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'Ankle bracelet monitors have not live up to hype'

WITH three months left on the ankle bracelet contract between the government and ICS Security Concepts, DNA leader Branville McCartney said it patently clear that this piece of crime fighting technology has not lived up to the hype.

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DNA leader calls on Ingraham to apologise

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham should apologise to the Bahamian people rather than offer apologies to Baha Mar’s Chinese investors, DNA Leader Branville McCartney said in a press release yesterday.

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DNA leader: speaker's actions were wrong

CRITICISING the actions of Speaker Kendal Major as “wrong”, DNA Leader Branville McCartney questioned how a comment can be withdrawn in the House of Assembly if it was already expunged from the record.

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Bran queries call for apology

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney questioned whether opposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis should have been ordered to apologise for comments expunged from the House of Assembly records last month.

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Bran: What is next step on shanty towns?

DNA Leader Branville McCartney has called on the government to reveal the “next step” after issuing the initial notice to shanty town landowners to comply with regulations.

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DNA: Nygard row has overshadowed stem cell bill

THE implications of the stem cell research bill, which was introduced into the House of Assembly earlier this month, has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding fashion mogul Peter Nygard, DNA Leader Branville McCartney said.

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DNA chief: I couldn't get into business now

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader yesterday said today’s economy would prevent him from entering business in the manner he did 20 years ago, describing the Budget as lacking vision and providing “no light at the end of the tunnel”.

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BRAN: Report 'not worth the paper'

FORMER minister of state for immigration Branville McCartney dismissed the newly released report on shanty towns as “not worth the paper it is typed on” and questioned whether the information is even accurate.

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Bran: Name those who maintain shanty towns

DNA Leader Branville McCartney is calling on the government to divulge the names of the “protectors” and “elites” who maintain shanty towns for illegal immigrants on New Providence and state what sanctions will be levied against them.


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