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Wish Fred Smith dead? Mitchell declines to comment

FRED Mitchell declined to comment yesterday after a website he previously said “aligns itself with his thinking” wished death on attorney Fred Smith. Editorial writers on the Bahamas Uncensored website hoped for a more harmful outcome for Mr Smith,

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The Bahamas continues to be a nation that victimises and abuses the human and constitutional rights of people of Haitian ethnic origin

Leading human rights lawyer Fred Smith has strongly rejected the government’s response to complaints by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights about The Bahamas renewed deportation of undocumented migrants.

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INSIGHT: Will we learn from the Equinor oil spill?

On August 31 Hurricane Dorian slammed into Grand Bahama, ravaging the landscape, devastating communities and tearing lives apart. It destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, ruined vital infrastructure and left so many families grieving for their loved ones.

QC to ‘put the lie’ to Bahamas ease ranking

A well-known QC yesterday said he aims “to put the lie to the World Bank’s indictment” of The Bahamas’ ease of doing business, with the Government targeting a “15 percent” rankings jump.

INSIGHT: A few words of advice to help a government off course

Over the past several months, a theme has emerged in public commentary suggesting that despite near universal high hopes following the landslide victory of May 10, 2017, the Minnis Administration has strayed badly off course and is haemorrhaging support on a daily basis.

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‘Actions on Family Islands must stop’

ATTORNEY Fred Smith yesterday warned the government that it was treading on the “thin ice of contempt” for pressing ahead with efforts to eradicate shanty towns in the Family Islands despite the pending judicial review.

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‘Don’t bulldoze shanty towns - create a Little Haiti instead’

ATTORNEY Fred Smith, QC, yesterday urged the government to “form a little Haiti” in The Bahamas instead of bulldozing shanty towns and “destroying people’s lives”.

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Smith: Time to be less timid over Grand Bahama plans

PROMINENT attorney and activist Fred Smith yesterday berated the government for its “timid, tepid” performance in Grand Bahama, warning policymakers residents would not tolerate “same old, same old”.Mr Smith, a business owner and Grand Bahama residen

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Smith aims to block power sale

A prominent QC yesterday “guaranteed” he will launch a Supreme Court action to block the $35 million ‘buy-out’ of Grand Bahama Power Company’s minority Bahamian shareholders.

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INSIGHT: Rise up against this licence to spy

When the PLP was obliged to back down from an earlier version of the ‘Spy Bill,’ it was a huge victory for civil society and an important boost for fundamental human rights in The Bahamas.

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FRED SMITH: Trampling on people’s rights, ignoring the law, is a dangerous path to follow This process of threats, ultimatums, indiscriminate, wholesale terrorist raiding by the government on the imm

The FNM Christmas ultimatum is a continuation of the unconstitutional and illegal fascist practice of state terrorism against the migrant community.

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Smith lashes out at ‘visionless’ FNM

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is a “menace to the rule of law” in the Bahamas, Grand Bahama Human Rights Association  President Fred Smith has declared.

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INSIGHT: Parasites in Paradise

BAHAMIANS, like the citizens of young developing nations, place emphasis on the idea of national sovereignty. Gaining independence in 1973 remains a source of pride and our tourism industry continues to boast it is ‘Better in The Bahamas’.

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Migration policy ‘must be changed’

GRAND Bahama Human Rights Association President Fred Smith yesterday condemned the Carmichael Road Detention Centre as an illegal facility with no basis in law as he railed against the country’s “militaristic and inhumane” approach to irregular migration.

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Save the Bays ‘gave nothing to the FNM’

ATTORNEY and Save The Bays director Fred Smith yesterday stated that the environmental group has never made a political donation of any kind as he denied “mischievous” suggestions concerning the organisation’s relationship with the Free National Movement administration.

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Smith: Save the Bays constantly denigrated

THE members and supporters of Save the Bays were constantly cast in a negative light and denigrated, the group’s legal director Fred Smith, QC said in a presentation to the Waterkeeper Alliance last Friday. “The most effective but unwarranted criti

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Govt to drop appeal of court’s privilege ruling

THE government has filed notice of its intent to drop its appeal of the landmark Supreme Court ruling on parliamentary privilege alongside former Marathon MP and Cabinet minister Jerome Fitzgerald, according to attorney Fred Smith.

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Concern over disruption to social media on election eve

HUMAN rights activist and attorney Fred Smith, QC said he believes there have been attempts by the government or operatives working closely with the Progressive Liberal Party to censor not only his personal Facebook page, but other pages with which he is associated on the social media platform.

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OUTSPOKEN Queen’s Counsel Fred Smith has heightened the debate surrounding election campaign financing after he posted a video on Facebook in which he admits to sponsoring the Free National Movement’s efforts to remove the Progressive Liberal Party from office.

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‘50 years of criminal negligence’ blamed for state of dump

A noted Queen’s Counsel attorney and head of the legal team for environmental advocacy group Save The Bays has blamed what he called “50 years of criminal negligence” for the fires at the Nassau dump and urged victims to exercise their right to legal action.

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Law would give power of secret entry to homes and businesses

THE Interception of Communications Bill gives police officers the power to obtain warrants to “secretly” enter into homes and businesses in order to seize communications and install interception devices within them, attorney Fred Smith, QC, said yesterday as he continued to campaign for parliamentarians to indefinitely postpone debate on the bill until public consultation takes place.

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Smith wants govt to take time to consult on Bill

THE government must hold off on its attempt to pass the recently tabled Interception of Communications Bill, 2017, and offer the public a chance to “look at its pros and cons,” Grand Bahama Human Rights Association President Fred Smith, QC, said yesterday.

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Fred Smith condemns bill allowing police to intercept communications

GRAND Bahama Human Rights Association president Fred Smith on Friday railed against a bill tabled by the government that would allow police to intercept and examine a person’s communications from telecommunications operators, internet providers and postal services.

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Attorney apologises for calling Bahamians ‘hateful’

ATTORNEY Fred Smith, QC, apologised on Sunday for saying Bahamians are “hateful” towards foreigners and for describing the country as “very racist” during a private meeting of the Coral Beach Condominium Association in Grand Bahama.

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Judicial review in Abaco adjourned to mid-month

THE judicial review of Responsible Development for Abaco challenging the prime minister and eight other government respondents concerning a major development at Little Harbour, Abaco was adjourned in the Supreme Court on Monday.

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Ministry says activists’ fears for lives ‘without merit’

THE government last night announced it has asked the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) to lift the precautionary measures it proscribed earlier this month after upholding a claim by five Bahamians that their lives are in danger because of their political advocacy and that some have had to flee the country.

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Activists ‘vindicated’ by ruling on harassment

AFTER years of having their security concerns marginalised, Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA) president Fred Smith yesterday said the recent ruling by the human rights arm of the Organisation of American States (OAS) has vindicated activists’ cries for anti-harassment laws.

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Activists’ claim of being in fear for lives upheld

A CLAIM by five Bahamians that their lives are in danger because of their political advocacy and that some of them have had to flee the country has been firmly upheld by a leading international human rights authority.

Police probe as activists say their lives are in danger

A POLICE investigation has been launched into claims by five Bahamians that their lives are in danger because of their political advocacy and that some of them have had to flee the country.

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Row over song ‘highlights need for hate speech laws’

THE uproar sparked by a controversial song making the rounds on social media demonstrates the urgent need for hate speech laws in The Bahamas, prominent attorney Fred Smith, QC, said yesterday.


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