Negative aspects of Nassau life

EDITOR, The Tribune.

AKIN to Shakespeare to "As you like it", I make the following comments of what I see around me which is so negative.

1) The New Providence Road programme - again, Prince Charles and Market are blocked off and I really wonder if this programme will ever end and at what cost? Robinson Road has not been finished with the final asphalt - PM says the over run is how much? Double it, I expect.

2) Did The Bahamas Speed Week Revival finish as it seems the 10-wheeler quarry trucks are driving faster than Sir Stirling Moss and those fellas we spent over $1.5 million on which attracted few. West Bay Street is the track every day.

3) The LPIA Road to Oakes Field six-legged roundabout - opposite the old Bethel property on the lake there are two ruins, discovered since the bush has been cleared - hoping Antiquities will ensure these buildings are saved as they have to be at least 18th century and could form part of a beautiful lake-side restaurant with restoration. Hoping the American bulldozers have not pushed it over... note not Chinese!

5) Prince Charles - anyone noticed how wide the road is now, but no dividing strip? Will the road be a three-lane road or was the widening a total waste of Treasury money?

6) The ugliness at the top of Cumberland with Princes Street - someone cut the beautiful old tree down and all we have left is one ugly vendors' cart - surely in this the heart of olde Nassau someone sees this ugliness?

Why can't we improve things not make them more ugly?



January 18, 2012.


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