Too much chatter from party leaders

EDITOR, The Tribune.

SO FAR, there has been much jabbering back and forth by the leaders of the three major political parties. However, there are many Bahamians who are not caught up in the partying type frenzy and are waiting with great anticipation for a proposed sense of direction going forward into the future. Too much precious time is being spent on who did what and who did not do "squat".

The two major parties are appearing to be like a bull dog attempting to intimidate a cat. Those who have had the privilege to observe such an encounter know that while the bull dog may be the favourite to win, the cat can hold its own to a great degree. The prancing, growling, meowing, skinning of teeth, biting and clawing can go on for quite awhile. Time is precious.

The developing major party on the other hand is endeavouring to show-up the short-comings of the other two. Thus far, all the people have heard is what we have done and what we started. Come on "leaders", there are so many issues, that are adversely affecting the people's lives, this is no time for posturing. You all are not showing enough respect to your prospective employers (not your constituents), they deserve more, much more than what you are offering them.

A call was made for a debate and certainly such would help the electorate to hear the views and vision of the various party leaders in the country.

Such debates give first-hand, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth, the vision and projections which in the main, would help the electorate to make informed decisions. One would hate to think that a leader is void of a vision and ideas for the country.

The other possibility that may cause one of the leaders to refuse to participate may be due to the fact that the request did not originate from one of the media houses. As most of us would be aware the request for a debate originated from a perceived upstart who in some shallow brains does not count.

Most of us would conclude that a man who does no wrong has nothing to fear. When you know that you have been fair and honest, no matter whom you are standing or sitting before, you can speak with authority, fearing no man or woman, for that matter.

Looking at the current political landscape, all of the parties have issues and shortcomings in a number of areas. What one party is accusing the other of, if you delve a little deeper you would find that all have shortcomings in the very same areas. All make promises and fail to fulfil them, all, like the United Bahamian Party of the past, step up road and infrastructural works; pay out monies from the Treasury to facilitate hiring more potential voters; increase granting of citizenship; make promises to the electorate which they have no intentions of fulfilling. All of the mentioned actions and more are done to influence the masses to cast the vote in the governing parties favour. Only the race-card of late has been significantly beaten to death, so that is a no-brainer.

Many persons have expressed their disgust regarding the situation involving the confusing messages from the various parties. Many are saying they refused to register due to no clear choice of those offering to govern. Others have registered but indicated that they would not vote basically for the same or similar reasoning.

It is amazing that while Bahamians are losing their homes, cannot find employment, electricity is being cut off, and insufficient food on the table, the principals of the two major parties are engaged in talking baloney about who did and didn't do what.

Both major parties are hypocritical in their actions and to a great extent they have adopted the bad and deceptive ways of the United Bahamian Party: which offered groceries, came among the masses (in their communities) and scraped the roads and put down a thin layer of hot tar and spread some sand on top and paved roads. This happened on numerous occasions when the vote of the masses was being sought. Today it is a bit more sophisticated roads are being fixed, facilities are opened and non-existent jobs suddenly become available.

The Bahamian electorate for many years, have been duped and the practice continues even to this present time. Another sad reality is that Bahamians like to "boogie down" and party, therefore most of those at the rallies are hardly aware of what is going on in those functions, much less the country.

Please party leaders, you are not dealing with Bahamians of yesteryear mentality. Give credit for us being a little more informed and intelligent. We can read between the lines and see through the smoke screen. We are therefore asking that you brush aside the clutter and come clean with facts and plans for the future.

To borrow a line from Marvin Gaye, "let's get it on", leaders. This is no time for showboating. This is the time to show and tell us where you intend to lead over the next five years. You are all still leaders in the making and history will judge your strengths and weaknesses. Give us the opportunity to assess your suitability to govern in this era, through these perilous times.

All and sundry should be reminded that this election is very crucial, it is not about any personal ego, but more so the advancement of the Bahamian people.



February 6, 2012.


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