The clergy and politics

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Can someone advise what is the fascination for the political process by some clergy in this country? I was flabbergasted to see yet another clergyman joining hands with one political party. Should not the clergy and the Christian Council appear above the fray and remain neutral so that residents can trust them with their innermost feelings and with life's stresses which affect individuals?

This week saw two clergymen at two separate political rallies not only giving their active support to their favourite party, but praying to God for victory for that particular party and as one clergyman said "to put them in charge".

After we had to endure seeing clergymen on platforms siding against the Government's Referendum, and more recently one leader who was retiring from the Council to enter politics, naturally, many of us assumed that the clergy were back to perform their traditional Christian duties for all in the country regardless of race, creed, colour or any other distinction. Apparently that hope has now been dashed again. What a pity, because many of us believe that duty to God is the highest calling. Leave politics to the politicians. Amen.




February 17, 2012.


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