Shame on public service policy

EDITOR, The Tribune.

RECENTLY, some Public Civil Servants were required to take exams and go on interviews for a couple of dollars. The problem is that some of these persons are almost ready to retire and were there some odd 17-30 plus years, then they have to go through stress just to get a promotion.

They feel this is the only way out as some others never needed to take exams or be interviewed they got promoted because of who they were, and who they knew.

I cry shame on the Public Service Department and feel they should do something better with their time and stop this slavery mentality some of them need to pasture themselves and see what it feels like to be degraded and frustrated, and when you are retired you should take a rest from the Public Service, because some of them frustrated many when they, were in the chair in the Public Service. I say to them "Get lost and get a life.".




February, 2012.


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