Realism and the DNA

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WHILE I am enthralled with the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and of a certainty they shall receive my vote, I am a realist and know that much of what is being espoused by the DNA will not easily be enacted upon despite their best efforts; I am expecting however some measure of change and I believe I shan't be disappointed.

What is most important is that the Free National Movement (FNM) be removed from public office and buried with their bosom friend, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). This country of mine the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a dear and cherished possession. It has been made to run afoul and its people living without hope, spiraling in despair especially in the last 15 years. Good God, we need a change of government and thanks be to God we finally have a pleasing option in the DNA.

The first order of business is to change the government. Finally and absolutely rid from public view the FNM and the PLP. What the DNA can or will do is irrelevant right now. Let's rid ourselves of these misrelating two, enjoy a few months of fresh clean air, then steer our focus on our new government the DNA.

Fundamentally: what is wrong with the FNM as a government is a misalignment of personal careers and public office. For example, we have a minister of finance who is not an accountant or has any training in fiscal matters but a lawyer. The minister of education is not a teacher, or an educator but a lawyer. The minister of national security is not a military man or a criminologist but a banker. The attorney general is a senator and a great talker who has countless murderers on bail.

We have a minister of agriculture yet we grow no food. We have a minister of labour who can create no jobs who is also a lawyer. The ministry of immigration is overseen-by the minister of foreign affairs and overridden by the minister of finance. The minister of works has impeded transport by creating massive traffic congestion on practically every major thoroughfare in the capital by constant diggings. As a result, major trenches have been excavated creating a habitat for mosquitos which has created a dengue fever epidemic. But thanks be to God, the minister of health is a medical doctor, because the minister of social services is an undertaker.



March 12, 2012.


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