First Baptist Church choir to host Youth & Choir Day


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THE First Baptist Church Inspirational Choir is kicking off its thanksgiving celebrations with an annual choir and youth day to be held this Sunday.

Under the theme “Thank You Lord”, the event will feature soloist Patrice Fisher along with the church’s Little Angels group, dance ministry and drama team.

The service will be held at the church beginning at 11.15 am.

Although thanksgiving is not only limited to a special season, Psalmist Monique Curry-Bethel told Tribune Religion, this event will be dedicated to showing love and appreciation to God for all he has done.

“November is recognised as a time of thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful to God for as a people and nation at large and this is a fitting occasion. We are looking forward to a mighty move of God. We are encouraging parents to support their relatives or children participating and persons within the community and the public at large to come and worship with us on this occasion. We are inviting the broken, depressed, sick and those of you who just need to be uplifted and encouraged because the power and presence of God will be eminent to bring healing, deliverance and salvation which is our ultimate goal.

“During this time we always pause to thank and honour our senior pastor who have supported us and been an inspiration to us over these many years. He has given himself unselfishly to be a blessing to so many. This coming Sunday will be spirit-filled, anointed and lives will be changed after the experience,” Ms Curry- Bethel said.  

“We have been preparing for months leading up to this time and during rehearsals alone the presence of the lord was evident. I continue to marvel at the gifts and talents that we possess within our local church. This is going to be an explosive outburst of God-given talent. Their will be special awards for persons who have given exemplary service to both the  choir and youth ministry under the leadership of Deacon Adrian and Tova Finley.”

The event also serves as an opportunity to pay tribute to a former choir member who was tragically killed last year. The choir will pay tribute in song and dance to 17 year-old Candice Major.

For the members, this is a very special occasion as the group will sing one of her favourites, “Twelve Gates in the City”.

The event is being held under the direction of Ms Curry-Bethel who has taken up the mantle as the new choir director. Over the years First Baptist Church Choir has been led by Bishop Neil C Ellis and Wellinghton Smith.

She said the First Baptist Choir has always been known as “anointed, energetic group of people with a love and passion for spreading the gospel in song both locally and abroad. This was the reason the choir’s named was changed from Mass to Inspirational Choir by senior pastor Rev Dr Earl E Francis ten years ago, because of its dynamic style of ministry through song.”


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