Attempted murder charge withdrawn in shooting case


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A MAN standing trial in Supreme Court on three counts of attempted murder has one less charge to contest after one the complainants withdrew the charge against him yesterday.

In the afternoon session of the trial, before Justice Vera Watkins, complainant Jamalio Forbes took the witness stand and said he no longer wishes to pursue this matter.

The accused is 27-year-old Rafik Turnquest, of Toote Shop Corner.

It was claimed that he tried to murder Joanne Forbes, Jamalio ‘Fat Dawg’ Forbes and Arnold ‘AJ’ Stubbs. Turnquest denies the charges.

Yesterday, prosecutor Koschina Marshall called Jamalio Forbes as a Crown witness.

However, when Mr Forbes got in the witness box to be sworn in, he told the court officer, “I no longer wish to pursue this matter.”

Ms Marshall asked that attorneys be allowed to discuss the matter in the absence of the jury, a conversation which lasted five minutes.

“You made some comments earlier?” the prosecutor asked when the jury returned and Forbes was sworn in.

“I’d like to withdraw the matter,” Forbes said.
“Were you threatened in any way?” the prosecutor asked.

Forbes said he was not.

“Were you offered inducements in any way?” the prosecutor asked.

“No,” he said.

“Were you offered any money?” Ms Marshall asked.

“I in jail,” Forbes responded.

Both the judge and the prosecutor asked him to answer the question.
He then said “No.”

“Are you doing this of your own free will?”

Ms Marshall asked him.
“Yes, of my own free will,” he said.

After Forbes confirmed with the judge that he was the same Forbes named on the indictment sheet, she told him that he was excused.
The trial resumes today at 2.30pm.


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