VIEW FROM AFAR: Importance of Disabilities Act


John Issa


THE important Persons with Disabilities Act was gazetted on August 13, 2014. It establishes a National Commission for Persons with Disabilities managed by a board of trustees.

It sets out the obligation of entities who employ more than 100 persons to employ one person with a disability for every 100 persons on their books.

Part 5 sets out the obligation of the Ministry of Education to collaborate with The Commission to arrange for the training of persons who are to provide services for those with disabilities. Access, physical and otherwise, to education for persons with disabilities is dealt with by the Act.

The Act also make discrimination on the basis of disabilities illegal. It requires the establishment of a National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities.

I will not attempt to list all the provisions of the Act but I think you get the idea. I am also not sure how many of the provisions have been dealt with so far; however this is a very important Act and justifies more publicity about its provisions and the systematic implementation of these provisions.

From our own experience employing persons with disabilities at Breezes for many years, I can clearly state that it has been beneficial both to the hotel and those of our team members who have a disability. I should mention that they hold positions both in the front and back of the house.

So complying with the Act will be a win-win for those who do.

• John Issa is executive chairman of SuperClubs. He is writing regularly in The Tribune.


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