Project brings technology into education


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PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis launched his administration’s Over-the-Hill eLearning Project at the Willard Patton Pre-School yesterday.

“This pilot eLearning Project was designed to involve ten public pre-schools, five of which are in New Providence and five in the Family of Islands,” he said. “The project is part of ongoing efforts for education reform, including through the use of technology and experience-based education.

“This programme seeks to modernise the way we educate our youth with the use of tablets for interactive learning, and software that allows parents and teachers to better monitor and trace a child’s performance. We are seeking to equalise the opportunities for education for all children in The Bahamas. The circumstances of birth should never hold anyone back from succeeding in life.”

Dr Minnis identified the eLearning Project as one of a number of initiatives designed to transform inner-city communities.

“Over the upcoming weeks and months,” he said, “work will continue in developing various initiatives, including tax and other economic incentives; the long-term development of a native food market Over-the-Hill; access to Wi-Fi by residents, and various youth development and social intervention programmes.

“In November 2014, some three years ago, I outlined some of my vision for Over-the-Hill communities. In this vision I saw our inner-city communities more empowered. I saw residents and businesses participating in the revitalisation of their communities. I saw special economic zones with tax incentives created to support jobs, business growth and opportunities. I saw the entire community tackling criminality from its root causes to the rehabilitation of offenders. I saw fundamental changes in communities Over-the-Hill.”

The launch is part of a project expected to ultimately change Over-the-Hill communities through several initiatives, including: social and economic empowerment, creating tax incentives to operate and expand businesses in the Over-the-Hill area to boost the local economy, and create jobs and ownership.

Improving the physical appearance of the communities is also part of the plan.

According to Bahamas Information Services, the Minnis administration has made an annual commitment of $5m to facilitate the programme.

“Over-the-Hill is the cradle for so many in our Bahamas,” Dr Minnis also said. “Over the years, these communities have undergone tremendous change, including in terms of family structures and community ties, as well as an increase in crime, violence and gang participation.

“Still, these traditional communities possess great talent and possibilities, and opportunities for new life. I know of these communities, because they are from whence I came.

“With these visions and these possibilities in mind, I asked my team at the Office of the Prime Minister to prepare a programme of community re-development which builds on partnerships between the government, the University of The Bahamas, the church and civil society, the private sector and most importantly, with the Over-the-Hill communities.”

Dr Minnis added: “In the year ahead, my government will outline a number of initiatives and signature programmes for the ongoing revitalisation of various communities.”


sheeprunner12 6 years, 6 months ago

More technology gadgets in schools without wider public education reform is useless ...... Did not see the useless Minister of Education at the PR event either .......... HMMMMMMMM

ohdrap4 6 years, 6 months ago

well the computer cannot teach children.

imagine a class of 40 children with games in the tablet, the teacher cannot control them, there will be even less learning.

no one has a problem learning computer, just keep it in a separate computer class.

when the teachers show movies or overhead projector presentation, a good number of students sleep.

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