Wanderer 8 years, 4 months ago

I believe you are clutching at straws here ohdrap4. It is normal to describe a persons status when producing a document that is to go out to the public. NHL's All Star Michael Bolt, Google CEO's George Mason etc. Cacique Award winner Malcolm Spicer etc I was one who signed the petition and as far as I can remember it stated that "we, the undersigned, are aware of the dispute going on at present between Malcolm And Adrienne Spicer. We see massive mathematical errors in the banks work followed by what is alleged to be lies followed by cover ups in sworn affidavits to the Supreme Court. It is a matter that affects all Bahamians and because of this we also support the Spicers attempts to get a banking Ombudsman here in the Bahamas to protect ALL Bahamians in their dealings with the banks." I fully support this. As you say the final decisions lie with the Court and one would hope that it is the true facts of the case that will endure

ashley14 7 years ago

I thought the Resort was open. They have television ads here in the States. It's a really nice ad. It made you want to visit.

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