Half-day opening for post office

The post office building on East Hill Street.

The post office building on East Hill Street.

THE East Hill Street General Post Office will be operating on half-days until further notice.

A government release yesterday advised of reduced operating hours from 8.30am to noon due to power supply challenges.

The power supply issues are expected to affect office hours over the next few days.

The release read: “The public is advised that the General Post Office Bldg. on E Hill St is currently experiencing some challenges to its power supply that will further impact office hours, over the next few days.”

“As a result, operating hours at the GPO, will be conducted from 8:30am to 12noon, until further notice.”

It added: “The department apologises for the inconvenience caused, and extends sincerest thanks for the public’s continued patience during this period.”

The government plans to demolish the aged East Hill Street complex as part of efforts to modernise the downtown area.

The Minnis administration halted plans left by the previous administration to convert the Independence Drive Shopping Centre off Tonique Williams Darling Highway as a temporary location while the East Hill location was restored, last year.

Mr Bannister said the project received the green light without approved plans or a building permit for construction, adding environmental and social assessments like traffic impact were also not conducted.

The government has been in the process of acquiring the Phil’s building on Gladstone Road; however, it is not clear how much it will cost to renovate the new post office location on Gladstone Road or how long the work would take to finish.


sheeprunner12 6 years, 2 months ago

Are these PO people still collecting full time salaries after 10 years of working half day???? Maybe that is why they are not complaining too much ......... Smt

John 6 years, 2 months ago

This Post Office problem has dragged on for too long period. The revenue lost to having to pay workers for half days and full days off over such a long drawn out period of time can probably pay for alternative accommodations for the post office for at least a year. Not to mention the inconvenience to the business community and the general public st large. Then there may be costs associated with contracts for alternative accommodations for The Post Office that the government reneged on plus costs for making the new location ready. Cheaper they had kept politics and emotions out of it, and moved into the site selected by the former government. This would have cut down of lost work time, improved their service to the public and allowed the use of rental space they may have to pay for anyway and the resolution for a permanent location would have been that much further ahead.

Dawes 6 years, 2 months ago

The post office is nailing its own coffin. Most people don't send letters anymore as you can't rely on it, and then businesses are now moving away from mailing their statements as they can't trust it. Soon the only thing you will get in your mail box will be Govt letters and your post box rental fee notice. This would normally lead to a business being shut down or servery reduced in size. But as its only idiots like us the public that will pay for it, i expect them to increase its size.

ashley14 6 years, 2 months ago

If you don't have a P O Box, do you just not get mail?

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