Cigar enthusiasts enjoy five-day Bahamas blow

A Houston-based group enjoyed a five-day stay in The Bahamas where they were able to indulge their passion for fine cigars and the associated lifestyle with help from Graycliff.

The visit by the Westside Smokers club came after its president, Jory Teno, visited the Graycliff properties during a 2017 trip to The Bahamas and met Paolo Garzaroli, one of the owners.

As a result of that meeting, the group organised its first Westside Smokers of Houston trip to The Bahamas from 6-10 September, 2018.

The 35 cigar enthusiasts enjoyed the fine cigars from Graycliff, in addition to traditional Bahamian cuisine, hospitality and amenities. The group now plans to expand its event to include other cigar clubs, eventually growing it into an annual cigar summit.

Apart from Mr Garzaroli and Graycliff, the group's visit was aided by Dupree Smith from the Ministry of Tourism's Houston office.


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