Slatter shines as Telco claim triumph

THE most valuable player (MVP) from the City Bowling League competition on Monday night was David Slatter of the Telco Enterprises with a 615 high three-game series.

The runner-up was Edmund Deal of the Bahamasair Flyers with a 611-second high set. Greg Taylor of The Avengers struck for the high game of 229 followed by a 224 second high game from Byron McClain of the Carib Construction.

The leader in the ladies category was Janice Hoyte of the Tenback Strikers-Lee’s Motor Works with a 578 high three-game series. She was followed by Joy Lockhart of The Avengers with a 549 second high set.

Camille Burnside of Telco Enterprises toppled the pins for a 211 high game followed by a 205 from Nicole Williams of NUA Crusaders.

The team scores for the evening were as follows:

Tenpin Warlords 3, Carib Construction 0

BPL Shockers 3, Brooklyn Strikers 0

Telco Enterprises 2, NUA Crusaders 1

Island Game Strokers 2, E&U Watercoolers 1

Bahamasair Flyers 2, Asurewin Pocket Pleasers 1

Avengers 2, Clayton Gardiner & Associates 1

Checkers Cafe 2, Tenback Strikers-Lees Motor Works 1

The top five teams after six weeks of the second half of play are as follows:

Teams W L

Clayton Gardiner

& Associates 13 5

Checkers Café 11 7

Tenpin Warlords 11 7

Bahamasair Flyrs 11 7

Telco Enterprises 10 8


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