BPL blames bad weather for outages



BAD weather was blamed as the cause of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) power outages in New Providence’s on Mother’s Day.

A statement sent by BPL’s Director of Communications Quincy Parker said: “Over the past 24 hours, inclement weather interrupted electricity services in a number of places across the island of New Providence, including the east.

“In addition to lightning strikes, teams were mobilised to restore supplies in the wake of such issues including a downed high-voltage power line.

“Although power has been restored to all feeders at this time, we are still dealing with a few isolated issues that require attention. We thank our customers as always for their patience.”

BPL indicated in a statement Sunday morning that portions of areas such as Jubilee Gardens, Palm Breeze off Carmichael Road, Stephens Close, Gleniston Gardens, Prince Charles and Sandilands Village were offline. Later on in the day, it assured in another statement that power was restored.

However Sunday night, power went off in other areas for several hours.

Back in April, lightning strikes on the company’s overhead system caused outages in areas including Nassau East, Star Estates, McKinney Drive and Carmichael Road.


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