Lightbourne chasing PLP party nomination for Pineridge

LESLIE Lightbourne hugging a supporter after winning the Pineridge run-off on Sunday.
Photo: Vandyke Hepburn

LESLIE Lightbourne hugging a supporter after winning the Pineridge run-off on Sunday. Photo: Vandyke Hepburn


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GRAND Bahama resident Leslie Lightbourne is seeking the nomination as the Progressive Liberal Party’s candidate for Pineridge.

He secured a majority of the 70 votes cast on Sunday during the branch runoff held at PLP headquarters on Grand Bahama.

Mr Lighthourne — a trade unionist and longtime employee of the Grand Bahama Power company — won over Bahamasair employee Harold Williams, with 44 of the votes.

The final decision on candidates will be made by the PLP’s Candidate’s Committee along with party leader, Philip “Brave” Davis.

Mr Lightbourne is no stranger to politics. He broke ties with the PLP and ran as a candidate with the Democratic National Alliance in the 2017 general election.

“I went back home (to the PLP) after things happened in that other party,” he said. “I wanted to make a change and that did not happen; I was happy that the PLP leader welcomed me with open arms.”

Mr Lightbourne has a 35-year history with the PLP. After returning in 2017 following the general election, he went right to work in the Pineridge branch.

Mr Lightbourne has been employed at GB Power for some 30 years.

He revealed some of his plans for the Pineridge constituency if successful in his bid. Of the six areas of focus, youth development is foremost.

The prospective candidate said he will establish a peer training programme for students starting from grade 10.

“They will be paired up with persons in Pineridge that have skills in areas such as carpentry, auto body work, nail technicians, or whatever profession for training,” he said.

Mr Lightbourne said that the stalwarts and the elderly is another aspect that will receive attention.

One of his ultimate goals is to establish a Pineridge hurricane shelter and relief facility to assist constituents in times of disaster.

He said assessment and rebuilding of damaged homes by a Pineridge construction team would also be part of his plans.

“Pineridge is going to be self-sufficient. All business owners that reside in Pineridge, we will support those businesses. We will be the first self-sufficient constituency. That is what I am vowing,” Mr Lightbourne said.

He said serving people is his passion.

“I am going to be a true example of what an MP is supposed to be.

“I have a heart for the people, and I have been in labour for many years helping people and fighting for workers for the last 25 — I know Pineridge,” he said.

“If I am selected as the Pineridge candidate and armour bearer for the PLP in this upcoming 2022, I will be the next MP for Pineridge,” he said.

The seat is currently held by Free National Movement MP Frederick McAlpine, who has been at odds with his party for some time. He is not expected to get the FNM’s nomination to run in the next election.


christee 3 years, 3 months ago

One thing is for sure, this shyster got game. He will do a great job enriching himself just like all the others.

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