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THREE men were yesterday accused of stealing $14,000 worth of goods from Kelly’s Freeport Limited by reason of employment.

Devante Jordan Cooper, 25, of Bluebill Circe, Freeport; Jimeco Lightbourne, 23, of Doughty Lane, Freeport; and Anzio Green, 20, of Gambier Loop, Freeport, appeared before Magistrate LaQuay Laing.

The three were charged with conspiracy to steal, stealing by reason of employment and acquisition of proceeds of criminal conduct.

It is alleged that between January 1 through February 28, at Freeport, the accused men concerned together conspired to commit stealing by reason employment.

It is also alleged that on the same date and place, the accused stole goods in the amount of $14,161.34 , the property of Kelly’s Freeport Ltd, to which they had access by reasons of employment.

On count three, the accused men on the same date and place being concerned together knowingly acquired goods in the amount of $14,161.34 from Kelly’s Limited that represented the proceeds of criminal conduct.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Cooper was represented by Wendell Smith, and Green was represented by Pleasant Bridgewater. Lightbourne was not represented by counsel.

Prosecutor Sergeant Calsey Arthur did not object to bail, but requested that conditions be imposed with bail. “These types of offences are becoming extremely prevalent in society,” he said. Sgt Arthur asked that the accused be made to sign-in once a week at Central Police Station.

Both Bridgewater and Smith asked that bail for their clients be set at a reasonable sum.

Magistrate Laing granted bail in the sum of $9,000 each with one or two suretors. He also ordered the accused to sign-in to Central Police Station on Wednesdays between 6am and 6pm, and that they should not interfere with any of the witnesses in the case.

On failing to meet bail, the magistrate said the accused are to be remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. The case was adjourned to June 1, 2021.

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