In tribute

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Lost Mom this week. But there she is my sweet. The Holland Marsh Canal.


When I walk along this canal,

and witness the nature that surrounds me,

I feel your presence close by.

The farm with its family meant so much to you,

the two things seem the same.

The struggles you had here,

the weather that drove you to work,

the seasons so demanding,

I was surprised you did not go insane.

To be a farmers wife, a mother too,

the demands upon you were surely great,

but you stood tall with a smile, and also a grin

for all that you did was for your family and friends.

The clear calm waters offered you silence and serenity too,

a catfish or bass caught nearby,

feeding the family was a joy for you.

The happiness of others brought forth your strengths,

a smile, a hug, a hand shake too.

Family was everything and more,

a spiritual journey through work and loving care

of those given to you, small children and adult too,

flowing through life’s cycles just like the canal,

calm one minute and then rough waves abound.

I see you sitting by the canal, walking to a green house too,

your eyes observing all about you, seeing all.

Gentle eyes like the canal in summer, calm and clear,

your welcoming smile and glance a pleasure for all.

We see you everywhere Mother,

in the trees and the fields of green,

you swayed with the wind just like they do,

and your work bore forth true love.

Yes I see you little lady, the glue that binds,

a Mother from another will always be mine.


Bradford, Ontario

November 1, 2021.


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