‘Rise Bahamas, Rise!’

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Attached is a poem written by me in April 1999, which I submit for publication in memory of our little darling Bella and the call to our national compassion and action: “Rise Bahamas, Rise!”

The Rt. Hon. Algernon S.P.B. Allen


Please hear the whimpers and the cries

Of little bodies bruised and torn,

Their hopeless fear and tear brimmed eyes

Bear witness to a nation's shame.

Please, hear them now and stop their pain

And Rise Bahamas, Rise!

Please see the scars of vile abuse,

On little Limbs and Tender Minds

And scorn the miscreants' excuse,

We know the lies, we know the signs.

Come Love, Come Care,

There's not much time to

Rise Bahamas, Rise!

Please Nation, Let Us Restore To Our Darlings

Smiles Of Sweet Delight;

Please let Our Hearts and all our Wills

Command our Courage to the fight

To Stay This Evil Of Our Humanity,

Our Children Are This Battle's Prize,

So Rise Bahamas, Rise!



November 9, 2021.


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