JR Cadot’s Nexxt Basketball Club holding training and development programme


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AS a spinoff from his Dream Again Basketball Camp in July at the Remnant Tabernacle of Praise Center on Carmichael Road, former collegiate and professional basketball player JR Cadot is at it again with his Nexxt Basketball Club.

This time, Cadot is holding a training and development programme, developing players between the ages of 11-17 on and off the court where they train with former and current pro basketball players.

And beginning on Saturday, September 3 from noon to 1pm, Cadot will stage basketball sessions for boys and girls between the ages of five and 10 at the same venue.

The registration fee is $35, which includes a t-shirt and shorts. However, it will cost $100 per month to participate.

“I expect a good turnout for this event as we focus on this particular age,” said Cadot of the younger players, “because you want to get them early in terms of their development and a good foundation in basketball. That is why I’m focusing on this group.

“I anticipate a good turnout from the competitors who participated in the camp. We expect the same group of youngsters who participated in the camp to come out and participate in this Saturday’s training sessions.”

On the heels of a successful camp that ran from June 27 to July 15, Cadot said they decided to expand their training sessions to Saturday mornings for the older kids between the ages of 11 and 17 and the response was tremendous.

“This is going on our fourth week. We’ve had guests come in, including Tyler Coster was in with his Oregon basketball team and we were at the Marvin Henfield Basketball Shooting Academy,” Cadot said. “Coach Tyler led out in some drills that the players were very impressed with. “The kids are getting so much more. They are really building a foundation in what it means to shoot the basketball, pass and dribble. It’s really a learning process and I’m pleased with the way it’s going.”

Now, Cadot said they want to focus on the younger players so that they can work on their fundamentals in their quest to follow the players ahead of them as they begin to work on becoming some of the future stars of the game.

“The camp will run every Saturday for the rest of the year, so we are inviting as many young players as possible between the ages of five and 10 to come out and participate in these sessions,” Cadot said. “It promises to be a rewarding experience.”

Cadot, who played collegiately for Texas Christian University, has travelled throughout Europe playing at the professional level. He just suited up again on Sunday when he played on the Bahamas Select Team that lost 98-74 to the University of Kentucky Wildcats at Baha Mar at the conclusion of the Summer of Thunder Basketball Tour.

Interested persons are urged to contact Cadot at 535-9354 for more information.


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