Minnis: Gibson is innocent until proven otherwise

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday “a man is innocent until proven otherwise” as many in the country wait to learn what will be the next political steps of Long Island MP Adrian Gibson.

There are some who believe the MP, who was arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court Monday on a list of corruption charges, should resign his seat. Others are of the view a decision should be made based on the outcome of the trial.

The corruption charges are related to his tenure as executive chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation under the Minnis administration.

However, Dr Minnis had very little to say yesterday when asked if a resignation by Mr Gibson was warranted at this time.

Asked if he stands with Mr Gibson, the Killarney MP replied: “Mr Gibson is innocent until proven otherwise just like anyone else. That’s a party matter. I’m not the leader. I can’t make a statement or give my personal opinion. That’s a party matter, but he’s innocent until proven otherwise.”

Former House Speaker Halson Moultrie suggested earlier this week that “any honourable” parliamentarian accused of criminal offences should consider resigning to protect the institution of Parliament.

Mr Moultrie had previously told The Tribune that while the law does not require sitting MPs who have been taken before the courts to vacate their seat, it does take exception to politicians who have been found in breach of certain Constitutional requirements set out specifically for parliamentarians.

The charges, which range from false declaration, bribery, fraud, receiving and money laundering allegedly stem from Gibson’s alleged failure to declare his interest in contracts awarded by the WSC.


TalRussell 2 years ago

If House of Assembly Speaker Comrade Sister Patricia Deveaux can journey to double down on the unelected National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) director Captain Stephen Russell then how in the name of Jesus can Minnis Pintard have long pause whether or not its more of a very serious pressing House matter ... if an elected MP did indeed just intentionally failed to disclose his all in his Financial Disclosures filing(s). ― Yes?

LastManStanding 2 years ago

This is one thing that I agree with Minnis on, we have to operate under the presumption of innocence no matter what charges are brought against a person. Let the judicial process play out.

I must remark that this is the start of a rather horrifying trend in this country; expect political prosecutions every time the government changes from this point forward. We are in the late stages of becoming a bush republic nation.

M0J0 2 years ago

If a man is guilty he should face the music no matter whom the hell he is. We have to get to the point where we stop allowing these politicians to rob us of our money and walk off laughing and even when guilty having fools support there trash and yet not one cent to show for the support.

sheeprunner12 2 years ago

Start with Brave from the 2012-17 regime .......... MOPW, BAMSI, BPL & Bahamasair. All four had suspicious and obvious criminal matters involving tens of millions of dollars. But, the FNM let Brave slide and went after the smaller fish (Shane, FredS & KenD) ......... Now, Brave feels emboldened to wipe Adrian's face across the floor because of his personal vendetta over his bruised ego. The FNM should have cut off the head of the snake when they had a chance .......... now they are getting bitten from the snake.

M0J0 2 years ago

I am sure if there was evidence Minnis would have shackled him also. If he can shackle Shane whom help him on his campaign I do not see why he would have not done it to Brave.

sheeprunner12 2 years ago

You drink too much of the PLP kool-aid. The Pandora's Box is now open. Brave will regret the day that he dragged Adrian Gibson before the courts and the PLP Magistrate, shipped him off to HMP cuffed & shackled to Donaldson. Just compare the bails of the two Gibson's. This is a wicked game going on.

M0J0 2 years ago

You are right a wicked game, but I did not see anything seized from Shane.

sheeprunner12 2 years ago

You are right. Adrian's 9 SD vehicles are alleged to be proceeds of crime. That's the easiest counts to explain. It will all be revealed in the Supreme Court in due time. As a matter of fact, we will ALL get to see the bogus confiscation records that Deleveaux used to impound the SDs.

TalRussell 2 years ago

How did we get to this point of shouldn't take an oath to God so lightly so as may *yet be found by the House Speaker's to not have passed the financial disclosures sniff test. ― Yes?

M0J0 2 years ago

Gibson those missed bail due to the long list of charges having to be called out. They are not the first to have to go thru such.

sheeprunner12 2 years ago

So why is no one saying that the PLP Magistrate disappeared for 3 hours, huh????

Y'all better wake up and see whose dirty hands are all over this egregious & wicked case.

ThisIsOurs 2 years ago

This the last man Pintard should be agreeing with. He also called early elections during a pandemic spike and lost his entire govt. Nobody want see Gibson sitting up in the HOA with his arrogance. aint that why they say they lost the election? Gibson is the embodiment of it

M0J0 2 years ago

Lol we all missing the fact that Gibson Ex Finance was no where near all of this, she was the first to be called into the police station. I can only assume she said see it all rite here and I told him not to do it, lol

sheeprunner12 2 years ago

She is the "star witness" for the prosecution. Based on the charges laid in court, the Police took her "evidence" as gospel. Seems that someone is singing for their supper.

We will see how it goes in the Supreme Court.

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