Two years in jail for club stabbing


A MAN was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday after stabbing two men at a club.

Alberto Bayard, 31, of Wulff Road, stood before Senior Magistrate Samuel McKinney on two counts of causing grievous harm.

On March 20, around 3am at a club on Rosedale Street, Bayard stabbed two men — Chad Delancy and Earl Johnson — with a knife.

This incident reportedly occurred around the club’s closing time when the accused is said to have bumped into and harassed patrons of the bar on the dance floor.

When Mr Delancy tried to stop Bayard, the court was told that the accused drew a knife and stabbed him twice in his face and neck. When the other complainant, Mr Johnson, intervened in the situation, Bayard stabbed him in his left hand, the court was told.

This caused serious injury to three tendons in Mr Johnson’s hand for which he is still undergoing surgery.

After being arrested by police, the accused was shown surveillance footage of the stabbing incident and admitted that he was the person in the film.

While Bayard pleaded guilty to both charges against him in court, he also claimed that he only attacked the complainants in self-defence.

Bayard, an amputee who lost his right leg, explained to Magistrate McKinney that he was under the influence and bumped into people by accident. He said when he went to apologise to Mr Delancy, he was attacked by three men leading to him striking back in self-defence.

When the magistrate asked why the accused went to a club with a knife, Bayard explained that he only had it on him as he works as a self-employed sponge fisherman. He said he forgot he had the knife on him.

Bayard had a previous assault with a deadly instrument charge, however he asked the court for mercy so he can continue to provide for his children.

Magistrate McKinney sentenced Bayard to two years in prison.

The magistrate also informed the accused of his right to appeal his sentence within seven days.

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