Two year prison sentence for shop breaking


Tribune Court Reporter


A MAN was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday after admitting to shop-breaking to fund his cocaine addiction.

Jean Carlos, aka “James Toussaint”, 36, faced Magistrate Samuel McKinney on three counts of shop-breaking and stealing.

On three occasions between October 28 and November 11, Carlos is accused of breaking into Gloria’s Daiquiris and Tropical Delights in Rawson’s Square. During these break-ins, Carlos stole an estimated $1,193 worth of assorted alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other items.

In court the accused pleaded guilty to the offence. He told the court that he suffers from a drug addiction: a 20-year cocaine habit. He asked Magistrate McKinney to order that he be given drug counselling.

After being told by the prosecution that Carlos has prior convictions, with one carrying jail time for a similar offence under his alias, the magistrate convicted him.

Carlos was then sentenced to serve two years at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for the shop-breaking charges with a further one-year sentence for the theft charges to be served concurrently. Additionally he was ordered to fully compensate the complainant for the loss or risk an additional three months in custody. Before being taken into remand, the court noted that Carlos is to attend drug counselling while he serves his time.

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