Cable fault blamed for power disruption in Nassau last night


Tribune Staff Reporter


MANY New Providence residents lost power yesterday after several units at the Blue Hills and Clifton Pier power stations went offline.

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) said a cable fault issue around 6.30pm caused the loss of 40MW of generation.

Up to press time, BPL had said all but one of the units at Clifton Pier and two units at Blue Hills were returned online.

“With generation assistance from our large commercial customers, who are off of BPL’s supply, we have restored service to most customers except for those in central and south central New Providence,” BPL said.

“These customers are being impacted by the cable fault between our Blue Hill Road Power Station and Soldier Road substation. Crews will work throughout the night to carry out repairs.”

Disgruntled customers expressed their displeasure on BPL’s Facebook page.

“We have no power in Colony Village, so the eastern area is still affected,” one user wrote. “After getting a light bill for nearly $800, I am now demanding to get the benefit of such provision of electricity.”

Another user said: “The Bahamian people deserve better! We pay exorbitant prices for this very basic service! Who cares that we are being absolutely abused?”


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