Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy ends the year on a high note


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THE Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy closed out the year on a high note with a drive, chip and putt end-of-year celebration at the Bahamas Golf Federation’s practice facility on Saturday.

The celebratory event came on the heels of the return of the Front 9 golf tournament series at the end of November which was its first hosting since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Saturday, golfers and their loved ones, who got the opportunity to partake in three different skill exercises for a friendly contest, were treated to a complimentary pot luck and reconnected with each other to end the year.

Georgette Rolle-Harris, founder of the Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy, felt the year end celebration was a great way to cap off a busy golf season. “It was a great way to finish a very busy season. We offered this drive, chip and putt event complimentary to all of our players and their families so it was a really great time for the kids. We had some golfers that went to enjoy the bouncing castle or the 360 photo booth after completing the drive, chip and putt exercises so it was just really good to see them have fun with each other,” the founder said.

The friendly skills competition allowed competitors to attempt the drive, chip and putt exercises three times and the point total from each was added together to determine a victor of the contest.

For the men’s category, Danny Davis scored the highest total with 103 for the trio of events. He earned scores of 17 (drive), 36 (chip) and 50 (putt) to become the winner. Ron Haynes placed second with 94 and Malcolm Adderley finished third with 67.

The third place finisher was very pleased to attend the event and witness the first-hand growth of Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy.

“It is crazy to see how far the junior programme has grown because I was in the programme at 16 when Georgette first started and to see the growth has been remarkable. Overall, I enjoyed the event and putting was my favourite part of the three,” Adderley said.

Payton Haye wrapped up the year-end friendly contest in first place with a score of 78 to lead the ladies. Nathalee Tynes, who earned the most points with 19 for the drive, capped off with 59 points for second.

Lori Greaves and Denise Poitier trailed both competitors for a third place tie with 45 points apiece.

Jacara Forbes picked up the most points with 104 for the 13-15 girls. She led the way for competitors, scoring a 65 in the putt exercise, 27 for the chip, and 12 for the drive. Maddison Carroll rounded up 72 points on Saturday for second and Chemari Pratt collected 65 points for third.

Forbes was happy with her efforts, especially for the putting portion of the day. “It feels pretty good. I felt that I did pretty well in the putting event. The chipping event was the best for me and it stands out because I can hit high and low shots which really helps me with my skills,” she said.

Haley Hall finished atop the girls 10-12 division with a score of 87. Zamira Swann earned 60 points for second place and Mirah Nunn settled for third with 57 points.

Hall was pleased with not only the victory but being able to reconnect with fellow golfers.

“The event was great I got to see a lot of players that I have not seen in a long time and it has been good connecting with them again. Putting is my favourite event but I was not able to do well today but I was pretty proud of the chipping event,” she said.

It was a rivalry among relatives for the girls 7-9 division. Zion Poitier narrowly edged out Zaire Poitier with 82 points compared to 81 points for first place. The latter took the second podium spot, meanwhile Londyn Strachan was third with 56 points.

Jermany Dawkins was the lone competitor in the 6 and under division. She totalled 28 points.

For the boys, Andrew Benjamin earned bragging rights in the 16-18 age group after finishing with 100 points for first. Angelino Cooper amassed 67 points for second place.

Rashawn Hanna stood tall on the winner’s podium after racking up 115 points to lead competitors in the 13-15 division. Juan Wilson took second and Zachary Joseph finished third.

Briland Cunnigham was most successful in the 10-12 age group with 62 points for first. Reef Harvey was victorious in the 7-9 division and Luca Greaves performed the best in the 6 and under division.

With the year almost entirely in the rearview for Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy, Rolle-Harris is looking forward to an active 2024 golf season.

“We are hitting the ground running early January with another drive, chip and putt event then some scramble tournaments which will then propel us into pro golf championships and the US kids’ tour. I see a lot of tournament golf in the future for our players to test and grow their skills,” she said.

The Front 9 golf tournament series resumes next year on January 10.


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