Empowerment club holds annual Christmas Party


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THE Boys and Girls empowerment club at LW Young held its annual Christmas party at the Fox Hill Community Centre, with Archdeacon Keith Cartwright discussing the purpose of Christmas with the students.

Students were also given the opportunity to display their artistic and musical talents before sharing an early Christmas meal.

The club was started in 2015 to assist boys that struggled with social issues. Club founder Anita Wilmott noticed many of the boys in her homeroom class struggled with conflict resolution and were entangled with local gangs and decided to take action. She decided the next step would be to have local leaders come into the school and meet with the boys over bi-weekly lunchtime seminars.

The project was a success and shortly after, her female students were eager to have empowerment sessions of their own. In 2019, the Girls Empowerment Club was formed, targeted at teaching young ladies the same social skills.

The club now has 116 students, 60 boys and 55 girls and Ms Wilmott hopes her students will one day have an impact on the wider community. She plans to continue with her programme and ensure the next generation is equipped with sound interpersonal skills.

She said: “Going forward, I hope that everything they have been taught will continue to be manifested throughout their lives at school and in the wider community. I want them to grow to become real men and women of virtue that will make good choices and have a positive influence on others.”

She added: “Social skills are necessary for today’s society. Academics will be built throughout life, but basic social skills such as manners, respect and consideration for others must also be learned as well.”


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