Man presumed dead after falling off a cruise ship destined for The Bahamas

A 41-year-old man is presumed dead after going overboard on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to The Bahamas on December 23, two days into the cruise.

He was 160km off the coast of South Carolina when the incident occurred, according to international reports.

A rescue plane reportedly conducted an aerial search, but the search was called off after eight hours, and more than 4200 sq km was covered.

The cruise had left Baltimore, Maryland, on December 21.

A passenger told the Post and Courier that the captain announced what happened and stopped the boat for six hours after the man fell overboard.

“I instantly felt sick to my stomach knowing that one of our fellow travellers had been lost at sea,” the passenger said, adding that many rushed to the boat’s sides trying to spot the man.

“It’s definitely going to be rough continuing this voyage knowing that a family is missing their loved one.”


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