Grace Komolafe qualifies for CARIFTA in the high jump


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ALTHOUGH she competed in a younger age group, Grace Komolafe emerged as the lone qualifier for the 2023 Golden Jubilee CARIFTA Games at the DTSP Wolfpack Track and Field meet at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium on Saturday.

Komolafe, competing in the under-15 girls’ division, matched the under-17 girls high jump qualifying standard of 5-feet, 1¾-inches or 1.57 metres with her victory over her Xtreme Athletics’ team-mate Tahlia Ferguson, who did 4-4 (1.32m).

Paris Rolle of Leap of Faith was the only competitor in the under-17 girls division. She cleared 4-6 (1.37m), but it was shy of the qualifying standard.


Chase'Y Nelson (578) and Azalia Henderson (336) leading the turn in the girls under-13 200m. Photo by Patrick Hanna.

The one-day meet, held in honour of former coach, educator and politician Neville Wisdom, saw at least one big match-up at the elite level with Indiana graduate Jyles Etienne going head-to-head with his new Leap of Faith team-mate Ryan Ingraham in the men’s high jump.

Etienne, back home and preparing for his first season as a professional athlete, only cleared 6-6 ¾ (2.0m), but it was good enough to snatch the victory over Ingraham, who did 6-0 3/4 (1.85m).

Jaidyn Brown of the University of the Bahamas got third with 5-10 ¾ (1.80m).

“It was my first full approach meet for the year,” Etienne said. “It wasn’t horrible, but I’m trying to get better than that. It was alright.”

Etienne, however, said he was delighted to have Ingraham competing with him, not only in men’s, but in practice as they push each other. As the season progresses, Etienne said he expects that they both will continue to challenge each other.

Competing for the first time since he went down with an injury last March, Ingraham said he felt like he’s getting back to his competitive days and with Etienne around, he feels he will be more motivated to compete at a higher level.

“I’ve been jumping back in practice, so it’s just about getting back into the competitive frame of mind,” Ingraham said. “I like when all of the high jumpers are home and competing, especially at nationals. But Jyles will help me to push myself higher.”

The 29-year-old Ingraham said his goal is to win the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ Nationals in June and eventually get a chance to compete at the World Championships in August in Budapest, Hungary.

On the other hand, Etienne, 23, said the goal is to get prepared for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

Except for that showdown, the meet had some interesting results posted.

In the girls under-7 division, Erin Strachan of Kids Athletics emerged as the double sprint champion, taking the 100m 50m in 10.37 and the 80m in 16.17. Munroe Riley of Xtreme Athletics got second in both in 10.93 and 16.71, while her team-mate Sta-Viah Brown was third in 10.98 and 17.01.

Leslie Munnings of Kids Athletics also got a double dose of victory in the boys under-7 sprints, taking the 50m in 10.34 and the 80m in 15.25. Valdez Godet of Hurry Murray was second in both in 11.06 and 15.36.

But while Malachi Williams of Xtreme Athletics was third in the 50m in 11.33 and fourth in the 80m in 17.46, Rashard Hanna of Beginners Track’s got third in the 8-0m in 17.01 and fourth in the 50m in 11.45.

Christovia Moss of Beginners Track also doubled up in the girls under-9 sprints, running to victory in the 50m in 8.88 and the 80m in 13.48. Claylin Johnson of Kids Athletics got second in the 50m in 9.30 and third in the 80m in 13.92. Monae Miller of Unique Athletics was second in the 80m in 13.81 and third in the 50m in 9.43.


Gee Sene (190) and Bryson Rolle (500) compete in the boys under-17 800m. Photo by Patrick Hanna.

And in the boys under-9 events, Nathan Smith of 3PA Stallions won the 50m in 8.46 and the 80m in 12.56. Daython Ingraham of Swift Athletics was second in the 50m in 8.52 and A’Ky Wilson of Kids Athletics was third in 8.78. Ingraham was also second in 12.99 and Caiden Bain of Hurry Murray was third in 13.42.

The girls under-11 division saw Tanaz Davis of Unique Athletics take the 100m in 1.05 and the 200m in 30.96. Jaelyn Munroe of DTSP Wolfpack was second in 15.30 and Kian Duncombe of St. Francis/Joseph was third in 16.07. Davis was second in the 200m 32.94, Rayven Munroe of Xtreme Athletics was third in 33.76, and Duncombe got fourth in 34.36.

The boys under-11 events were divided with George Brown of Swift Athletics winning the 100m in 14 with Jayden Jones of Unique Athletics second in 15.07 and Stafford Sweeting of Hurry Murray third in 15.19. Aiden Knowles of Xtreme Athletics won the 200m in 15.29, Ronald Simon of Beginners Track was second in 15.29 and Vincent Johnson Jr of Jumpers Inc third in 15.39.

The girls under-13 division also saw a split as Brianna Bootle of 3PA Stallions take the 200m in 26.67 -with Rocelis Moxey of Swift Athletics third in 27.99. In the 400m, Symiah Strachan of Boost Athletics won in 1:03.73, Bootle, Brianna was second in 1:07.35 and Chyanne Hepburn of Roadrunners third in 1:07.42.

In the boys under-13, Justin Shepherd of Swift Athletics won the 200m in 26.85, Ayden Russell of Unique Athletes was second in 27.03 and Jacob Pickstock of Swift Athletics was third in 27.41. Patreco Sherman of Red-Line Athletics won the 400m in 1:07.46, Jayden Ferguson of 3PA Stallions was second in 1:10.15 and Nipsey Jones of Kids Athletics was third in 1:12.79.

Brion Ward of DTSP Wolfpack won the under-15 girls 100m in 13.25, Deryn Rodgers of Star Trackers was second in 13.35 and Keely Deveaux of the T-Bird Flyers was third in 13.40. Sarsha Wright of Team Velocity won the girls under-15 200m in 26.11, Nataya Watson, her team-mate, was second in 26.88 and Ward got third in 27.15.

Jasmine Thompson of the Roadrunners won the 400m in 1:01.36 with Wright in 1:02.49 and Jade Knowles of DTSP Wolfpack third in 1:02.99. Breyteisha Kemp of Hurry Murray, who was fourth in 1:03.16, won the 1,500n in 5:50.35, Shimoi Bain of Hurry Murray was second in 6:21.40 and Rishan Belle of the Roadrunners was third in 6:28.64.

In the boys under-15 division, Terrin Beckles of Quick Step won the 100m in 12.23, Rohman Rolle of Fast Forward was second in 12.28 and Jayden Smith, also from Fast Forward, was third in 12.75. In the 200m, Beckles won again in 24.41, Rolle was second in 24.55 and Kamron Henfield of Team Velocity was third in 24.66. Henfield Kamron won the 400m in 55.99 over Tyreik Colebrook of Swift Athletics (56.47) and Rion Larrimore of Hurry Murray (57.80).

Winning the under-17 girls 100m was Shekinah Johnson of Spirit of Excellence in 12.75 with Khylee Wallace of Quick Step second (13.11) and Iesha Hanna of Roadrunners third (13.17).

In the 200m, Jamiah Nabbie of Fast Forward won in 25.26, Shayann Demeritte of Swift Athletics second (25.99) and Johnson third (26.57).

Tamia Taylor of Roadrunners won the 400m in 58.56, Brey’Elle Cooper of DTSP Wolfpack second (1:01.83) and Evanice Sands of DTSP Wolfpack third (1:04.29). And in the 800m, Yulianis Akompi of Quick Step won in 2:29.46, Jayda Rahming of Core Athletics second (2:32.53) and Alexis Roberts of Team Roberts third (2:35.66).

On the field, Zion Carey of Star Trackers won the long jump with 4.67m; Zoe Adderley of Fast Forward took the triple jump with 11.04m; Terrell McCoy of Triple Threat tossed the shot put 12.17m and Chea’Lisa Knowles of Air Assaults hurled the javelin 15.00m.

Andrew Brown, competing nonattached, clocked 11.01 to take the under-17 boys 10m; Davon Davis of T Bird Flyers was second in 12.49 and Trent Ford of Roadrunners was third in 11.20. Brown also captured the 200m (22.91) with Everette Fraser of Fast Forward second (23.38) and Rolinny Labranche of Swift Athletics third (23.41).

In the 400m, Bryson Rolle of T Bird Flyers won in 52.89, Zion Davis of Fast Forward second (52.97) and Jayden Cooper of Speed Capacity third (53.70). Winning the 800m was Zion Davis of Fast Forward (2:07.62), Christopher Minors of T Bird Flyers second (2:14.00) and Rolle Bryson third (2:14.59). Ross Martin of Hurry Murray won the 1,500m (4:47.36), Minors was second (4:55.36) and Gabriel Johnson of Hurry Murray third (5:20.90).

J’Lin Roberts of Jumpers Inc cleared 5.38m in the long jump; Cooper took the triple jump (12.11m); Jaylen Scott of Blue Chip won the shot put (13.82m); Larouche Morley of Triple Threat took the discus (31.34m) and Ashton Morley of Air Assaults threw the javelin 38.41m.

Dana Rolle of Roadrunners took the under-20 boys 110 metre hurdles in 15.46 with Jon-Mark Smikle of Quick steps second (15.50) with his brother and team-mate Jehiel Smikle of Quick Step third (16.19).

In the women’s under-20/ open division, triple jumper Tamara Myers of Leap of Faith showed her versatility and speed by winning the 100m in 12.6; Melvinique Newbold of T Bird Flyers won the 200m (25.60) and the 400m (1:00.20); Jasmine Mackey of 3PA Stallions took the 800m (2:31.16) Kaiya Cambridge of Power Athletics won the 100m hurdles (16.02).

In field events, Lanique Thompson of Jumpers Inc took the long jump (5.19m); Koi Adderley of Fast Forward won the high jump (1.55m); Apryl Adderley of PVS Sports took the triple jump (11.31m); Annae Mackey of Blue Chip took the shot put (12.46m); Cailyn Johnson of Triple Threat took the discus (37.95m) and Kamera Strachan of Air Assaults won the javelin (39.76m).

The under-20/open men’s 100m was won by Samalie Farrington of Swift Athletics (10.68) with Jeremiah Adderley of DTSP Wolfpack second (10.76) and Taryll Thompson of Fast Forward third (10.92). Adderley came back and won the 200m (21.89) with Thompson second (22.36) and Matthew Chandler of Fast Forward third (22.56).

In the 400m, Philip Gray of DTSP Wolfpack won (48.90), Quinton Ellis of Phoenix Track was second (49.33) and Berkley Munnings of Fast Forward third (50.54). Levinne Joseph of University of the Bahamas won (1:56.16) with Kenzie Knowles of Swift Athletics second (1:57.66) and Raywind Winder of Hurry Murray was third (2:01.94).

Winning the 1,500 metres was Christopher Saintus of Swift Athletics (4:20.30) with Paulindo Boyer of Swift Athletics second (4:20.86) and Jean Dorelien of T Bird Flyers third (4:53.11). Kenold Jen of the University of the Bahamas won the 3,000m (10:40.74) with Hurry Murray’s Nathan Johnson second (10:46.09) and Ross Martin third (11:00.69).

And also in field events, Grand Bahamian Dimarco Oliver of Tabernacle Baptist Academy won the long jump (6.44m) with Corey Wright of Bahamas Speed Dynamics second (6.26m) and Jahlandon Wilson of Noble Preparator third (86m). Rollie Hanna of Jumpers Inc took the triple jump (13.94m) and Robert Deal Jr of Air Assaults won the javelin (45.70m) with Lavardo Deveaux of Bahamas Speed Dynamics second (45.46m) and A’Jai Culmer of Air Assaults third (29.36).

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