It’s a new beginning for our Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune.

A letter to Bahamaland:

My Bahamaland,

the sun, the rising sun

manifests a new beginning.

At daybreak, there is hope

and optimism and opportunity.

As you lift your head

you forget

about the past

and all its struggles

and hardships-

the Lucayans, the pirates,

the slaves and the Colonials.

You have a fresh start,

a clean slate.

What will you make

of yourself?

Together you march

for community, for impact,

for progress, to glory.

In this pursuit

of greatness

that transcends

your existence,

be mindful that your achievements will always be remembered by a world that looks on and watches your demeanor, your conduct, your poise, your confidence,your humility and your authenticity.

You wave the banner of a unique identity with aqua, gold and black as the background:

The Bahamas-

First of its name,

Land of 700 isles,

Born of shallow waters

Family of islands,sea of crystal

and coral, Mother to people

of vision, influence and ingenuity.

Under this banner, you make

a pledge to surpass expectations

to fuel your faith to be

excellent in art, science, music

sports, business and enterprise,

in love and in unity.

Through hurricanes

and recessions

blacklisting and cartels

murders and depression you press on.

You can emerge victorious in glory with a common goal and leave no one behind.



Banner is waving, marching together, and the sun, oh, the sun - it camouflages the hidden dangers, your ethical dilemmas, the barriers to your success, and your critical decisions.

The sun- it rises

a new beginning

a new awareness

a new focus- the past is past.

Over and over a new beginning,

again and again a new sun, until that day that legacy is cemented in the glory of God.

Bahamaland - steady, focus, march on.




July 10, 2023


JokeyJack 11 months, 2 weeks ago

A new beginning? So tomorrow our power bills will go down along with the price of milk? You are living in a dreamland called the Commonwealth of Narnia where the people are not even allowed to use their own flag design and colours without permission from the government.

I had the good sense not to come out and celebrate my poverty and slavery. Apparently 50 years is not long enough to suffer for some people, so they came out and danced to the massa's drums.

ThisIsOurs 11 months, 2 weeks ago

I'm with you.

I get the need to celebrate longevity, it's a human thing.

But as I listened to people I couldnt help but think the celebrations were targeted at the privileged, the simple minded and the easily swayed. I saw an international magazine speak in wonder about the fact that the Bahamas now has a Junkanoo museum. What are we doing? From the minute they announced that The Port would own our heritage I asked how could a govt allow it? The shining glory of what most Bahamians recognize as wholly Bahamian and we dont own it, our beaches we dont have the right to visit. I saw a sign on one beachfront saying Private, No Fishing. What dat mean? Cuz you have to be near the high water mark to fish. What are we doing???

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