Lady Buccaneers strike gold

CHAMPIONSHIP PEDIGREE: The New Providence Lady Buccaneers shut down the Grand Bahama Lucayans 2-1 to claim gold in the soccer title match.
Photo: MOYSC-Department of Sports

CHAMPIONSHIP PEDIGREE: The New Providence Lady Buccaneers shut down the Grand Bahama Lucayans 2-1 to claim gold in the soccer title match. Photo: MOYSC-Department of Sports


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The sixth edition of the Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games returned to New Providence this past Friday. Among the sporting disciplines to kick off the competition this weekend were volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, sailing, edukarting and cycling.

Athletes from the 10 teams representing the islands of The Bahamas brought it to the courts, fields, roads and waters as the Olympic-style games got underway.


Soccer action got started at the Roscow A L Davies soccer field on the first day of The Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games.

The women of the New Providence Lady Buccaneers were the first team to claim gold medal honours after defeating the Grand Bahama Lucayans 2-1 this past Sunday. The Lucayans opened the matchup determined to win as they were the first to score the initial point. However, the home team tied the game 1-l. Despite the Lucayans’ attempts to recover they were unable to and Buccaneers team captain Annisa Albury scored the tie breaking goal on a penalty kick.

Samuel Thibaud, head coach of the New Providence Buccaneers, talked about the ladies’ win.

“It was a good win, they scored first but I just told the young ladies to settle down, that’s just one goal, it’s just one half and we played possessions and just moved our way up the field and eventually we scored to equalize,” Thibaud said.

He added that he was excited to see a lot of the older players come back and play. He said the veterans set the pace for the younger girls and they came out and showed their dedication.

In Sunday’s two remaining matches the Abaco Survivors dropped the men’s Lucayans 1-0 after holding onto their halftime lead. Additionally, the Eleuthera Adventurers men’s team wrapped up the Exuma and Ragged Island Navigators 1-0.

Yesterday was recognized as a rest day for soccer and the matchups will resume at 9am today between the Buccaneers and Navigators. Also, the Lucayans will face-off against the Adventurers.


The volleyball sporting discipline got off to a busy start at both the Kendal G L Isaacs and Anatol Rodgers gymnasiums. The games ran simultaneously between both locations featuring the ten teams representing the Bahama Islands.

On Independence Day, the Long Island Sheep Runners dropped the Adventurers in two sets 25-16, 25-15.

The Mayaguana, Inagua, Crooked Island, Acklins, and Long Cay (MICAL) Flamingoes took down the Navigators in two tightly contested sets 25-23,25-22.

In more action from the Anatol Rodgers gymnasium, the Lucayans overcame the Sheep Runners 25-22, 25-18.

Meanwhile, the Columbus Isles Arawaks versus the Flamingoes game went to three sets. The Arawaks claimed set one 25-20. However, the Flamingoes tied the sets after winning 25-16. In the final set, the Arawaks concluded the match 15-6.

The Lucayans emerged victorious over the Navigators in stiff competition across three sets. The Lucayans snuck away with set one 26-24. The Navigators climbed back in set two with 25-18. However, the Lucayans edged out their opponents 15-11 to close set three with a win.

At the Kendal G L Isaacs gymnasium, the Adventurers fought hard against the Survivors in three sets. The Adventurers journeyed to a 25-14 win in the initial set. The Survivors bounced back in the following set 25-17. It came down to the wire for both teams in the final set but the Adventurers got the win 16-14.

The Arawaks (men) claimed a comfortable win over the Andros Chiccharnies in two sets 25-12, 25-13.

The Lady Lucayans toppled the Navigators 25-21 in a competitive first set. In the consecutive set, the Lucayans meant business winning 25-10.

The men’s Chiccharnies this time came up short against the Survivors in two sets 25-15, 25-16.

The Buccaneers (men) continued their dominance this time drubbing the Adventurers 25-10, 25-18.

The women’s Survivors fell to the Arawaks in two sets. The initial set was a nail-biter between the women of both teams but the Arawaks claimed set one 27-26. They followed up the win with 25-18 in set two.

After days of intense volleyball action, the championship game will begin at 2pm today at the Kendal G L Isaacs gymnasium.

The remaining results from the previous days of competition between the sporting disciplines can be accessed via www.tribune242.com


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