Mitchell, be quiet on Freeport

EDITOR, The Tribune.

What’s up with Fred Mitchell and Freeport? During the Budget Debate, his PLP Cabinet colleagues had their say on the future of Freeport, then let the matter rest.

His colleagues must have heard the message from the people of Grand Bahama: “Yes, things need to improve, but government intimidation only makes a difficult situation worse. Please stop making things more dangerous and uncertain for us.”

Brave and the Cabinet heard the message loud and clear, but not Mitchell. He either didn’t hear or he didn’t care to heed.

Mitchell is now the only one persisting, refusing to relent, turning up the pressure on Grand Bahama, issuing warnings and making confrontational statements on a regular basis.

It is unclear why this is happening. Mitchell is not MP for the Freeport area. His constituency isn’t even in Grand Bahama.

Mitchell’s official responsibilities are confined to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he also serves as chairman of the PLP. None of these positions make his ‘lone wolf’ behaviour on the delicate issue of Freeport relevant or appropriate. In fact, I believe them to be most inappropriate.

Grand Bahama already has five MPs of its own. It has a whole Ministry and Minister, who is Mitchell’s Cabinet colleague.

The good member from Fox Hill should try to confine himself to the matters of Fox Hill and the areas covered by his other official responsibilities. On the matter of Freeport, he should either cease and desist, or explain his curious and intense interest in the Second City.

A Grand Bahamian in Economic Exile

July 14, 2023


birdiestrachan 1 year ago

They say Grand_Bahama is FNM COUNTRY AND THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY GET GBPA and all that comes with it,

Porcupine 1 year ago

Birdie, Look hard and intelligently at the score card for The Bahamas as a whole. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that we are succeeding at. Please correct me, if I have overlooked one Bahamian government endeavor that hasn't, or isn't failing. Any high school graduate can see this, yes?

FreeportFreddy 1 year ago

Typical and quite rude PLP reply

FreeportFreddy 1 year ago

BTW...nice punctuation Birdie!

Speaks to the quality of education. Quite sad.

birdiestrachan 1 year ago

Education indeed all the smarty pants , just plain fluffy , In spite of all that is said and done I love the Bahamas . But GB

DESERVE the Port Authority , it is good for them,

DEDDIE 1 year ago

The government has a report card on Grand Bahama in the form of East End, Pinder’s Point and West End. The Port has a report card in the form of Freeport. The difference is obvious. What Freeport need is promotion.

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