Swimming Nationals: Mako earn 5th straight title with landslide win

BAHAMAS Aquatics completed a successful four days of competition of its 51st National Swimming Championships on Sunday at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

The Mako Swim Club once again emerged as the national champions, earning their fifth consecutive title with a landslide victory over their nearest rivals, Barracuda Swim Club.

At the end of the competition, Bahamas Aquatics presented a number of awards, including the high point winners in each age group. Here’s a look at the top performers:

Girls 8-and-under - Cailyn Dean of the Blue Waves Swim Club with 57 points, followed by runner-up Rinia Johnson, her team-mate, with 43. Third place went to Kirsten Rolle, also of the Blue Waves, with 38.

Boys 8-and-under - Kymani Cooper of Mako Aquatics Club with 49 points. Dylan Musgrove of Blue Waves was second with 41 and Cole Albury of the Barracuda was third with 39.

Girls 9-10 - Taylen Nicholls and Sienna Campbell, both of Mako Swim Club, took the top two spots with 61 and 55 points respectively. Sharlkette Donaldson of the Mantas Swim & Water Polo Club was third with 40.

Boys 9-10 - Nitayo Knowles of Alpha Aquatics won with 63 points. Dexter Russell of Freeport Aquatic got second with 47 and Logan Comarcho.of Alpha Aquatic was third with 33.

Girls 11-12 - Saleste Gibson of the Barracuda took the title with 63 points with Skyler Smith of Alpha Aquatic trailing with 49. Alisaa Ferguson of the Barracuda had 45 for third.

Boys 11-12 - Christon Joseph of the Blue Waves won a closely contested battle with 56 points, followed by David Singh of the Barracuda with 54 and Harold Simmons of Mako with 53.

Girls 13-14 - Zoe Williamson of Mako topped the field with 61 points. Lelah Lewis of the Barracuda had 57 for second and her team-mate Madison Gilbert got third with 51.

Boys 13-14 - Tristen Hepburn of Alpha Aquatics took a two-point margin for the win with 63 over Donald Saunders of Lightning Aquatics with 61. Malcolm Menzies of the Black Mantas Swim Club ended up third with 49.50.

Girls 15-17 - Keianna Moss of Mako Aquatics Swim Club won with 61 points. Mia Patton of Alpha Swim Club came second with 53 and Kyana Higgs of the Barracuda Swim Club got third with 50.

Boys 15-17 - Marvin Johnson of Mako Aquatic won the title with 63 points. Ellie Gibson of Alpha Aquatic got 50 for second and Emmanuel Gadson of the Barracuda Swim Club was third with 46.

Girls 18-and-over - Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson of Alpha Aquatic was the winner with 54 points. Katelyn Cabral of Mako Aquatic got second with 50 and Delaney Mizell of Lyford Swim Club came in third with 49.

Boys 18--and-over - Sean Longley of the Barracuda Swim Club was the winner with 48 points. Lamar Taylor of Mako Swim Club got second with 45 and Mark-Anthony Thompson of Alpha Swim Club finished third with 42.


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