Electrocuted man was father of 4 and ‘was a loving grandson,’ his grandmother said


29-year-old Jeremy Culmer was accidentally electrocuted when the forklift he was driving touched electrical wires on Tuesday in Grand Bahama.


'He was a loving grandson' his grandmother Olive Rollins said, and was the father of four children.


Tribune Freeport Reporter


A YOUNG father killed in an industrial accident has left behind four young children, none older than six years, according to his grandmother.

Jeremy Culmer, a 29-year-old forklift operator at Executive Marine Management, was electrocuted on Tuesday while on the industrial job site at Freeport Harbour.

Olive Rollins, of Eight Mile Rock, said the news was a shock to the family. Mr Culmer’s two sisters who reside in the United States are not taking the news well and are devastated, she said.

Family and friends have been stopping by her house in Hepburn Town and calling to extend their condolences to the family, she said.

“He has four children - three boys and one girl; the oldest child is six years old,” she said.

Ms Rollins received word of the incident just before noon on Tuesday.

“My son called me and tell me say someone told him that Jeremy just got electrocuted, and he dead,” she said.

According to police, shortly after 11am officers received reports that a male employee at a business at Freeport Harbour’s industrial site was electrocuted while operating a heavy-duty forklift tractor that accidentally touched the power line, which was attached to utility poles.

EMS technicians responded to the scene and found no signs of life.

Ms Rollins said her grandson had been employed at EMM for three years as a forklift operator. She described him as a “hard working” young man.

“He was a loving grandson; he was a really nice boy. Hardworking and helpful to people. He was not a troublesome child,” said the grandmother.

Ms Rollins said that her grandson was always smiling, and would always amuse her when he came by the house.

“He would say, ‘Grammy, what you saying?’ And then say he is ‘the girls’ sugar’ in Hepburn Town.’”

“He was a loving boy,” she recalled. “Everybody is trying to cope with what happened. His mommy was here with me this morning, and she is holding up all right. But, his two sisters in the States are not doing too good.”

Ms Rollins said the family has lost several close relatives, including Mr Culmer’s father who died 13 months ago, her brother, and a cousin of hers.

“This is like a triple tragedy for the family,” she said.


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