Opposition to Viking Court Plaza

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Re: Application (PSA/192/2022) on behalf of Viking Court Plaza c/o TDG Architects Ltd.

I write to oppose this incursion of this mammoth commercial complex into our residential community. I have lived in the Westward Villas community for the past 26 years now, and our quality of life, in this once peaceful, community has consistently been eroded. I believe this Viking Court Plaza is far too large, and the two entrances on Cambridge Avenue, and the one entrance on Hampshire Street, do not provide a buffer to our neighbourhood. It actually creates a highway of increased congestion, noise and traffic in our community.

I traverse Cambridge Avenue every day on my way to work, and normally return via Hampshire Street and Cambridge Avenue. Right now, it is a peaceful commute to work and home. That will definitely be lost if this commercial complex is allowed. I can understand if the entrance and exits were limited to West Bay Street only, and the 10 Residential Condo Units were separate and apart from the commercial complex, thereby having access via Hampshire Street. But this initial drawing includes both Cambridge Avenue and Hampshire Street and creates a thoroughfare through this commercial complex, thereby increasing traffic in our community.

I note the Department of Physical Planning normally mentions isolating all commercial activity in these economic zones, but it’s not working at the end of Skyline Drive and West Bay Street round-a-bout. Sound travels, and many weekends, we go to bed with music flowing through our home to the wee hours of the morning. This proposed complex will be even worse, since I am sure there is no limitation on the type of business which will be allowed to lease these premises. Businesses such as restaurants, bars and night clubs increase the noise pollution in our neighbourhood, which is already battling the Skyline Drive effect on rezoning and increased commercial activity.

I am sure when Westward Villas was created, there was a reason why these currently vacant lots 12 -17, were residential and not commercial. This was meant to be a very quiet neighbourhood, with an excellent quality of life for its residents. Right now, we are being inundated by rezoning to commercial and the Department of the Government which should be protecting the citizens and residents of these communities, is spearheading the charge to destroy our community.

Again, I am 100% opposed to this development in its current preliminary proposal.



April 23, 2023.


birdiestrachan 1 year, 1 month ago

I UNDER STAND THE POSITION it is too bad more people do not oppose shanty towns ,

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