Ground broken on $200m Grand Bahama hospital

Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, along with Minister of Health Michael Darville and other officials and guests, broke ground at the site of the new $200m Grand Bahama hospital.
Photo: Vandyke Hepburn

Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, along with Minister of Health Michael Darville and other officials and guests, broke ground at the site of the new $200m Grand Bahama hospital. Photo: Vandyke Hepburn


Tribune Staff Reporter


GOVERNMENT officials broke ground for a new $200m hospital in Grand Bahama yesterday.

Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis said the groundbreaking for an outpatient and urgent care facility was delayed by over a decade, calling yesterday’s event a “historic milestone” for the island.  

Mr Davis said the project had been continually delayed because of competing national priorities, adding: “Today, it is proof positive that Grand Bahama is no longer on the back burner.” 

The hospital will be built over three phases. The first phase will consist of a nearly 60,000 sq ft clinic. Phase two will include an inpatient surgical suite urgent care facility. The third phase will involve the construction of an acute care hospital with 126 inpatient beds. 

“I am pleased to start construction of the new Freeport Health Campus that will provide excellent care the residents of Grand Bahama deserve,” Mr Davis said.

Hurricane Dorian, which damaged the Rand Memorial Hospital, highlighted the need to improve medical facilities in Grand Bahama.

“Today, as a bright future dawns, we pay tribute to the loss, pain, and struggle of the past to give thanks to the community champions and healthcare heroes who helped this island and community overcome the many challenges to bring this island and the Rand Memorial Hospital and various community clinics back to where we are today,” Mr Davis said.  

 “At this new healthcare centre, wounds will be healed and medical research will be advanced. Grand Bahama Health Services would be in a position to provide the highest standards of care now into the future as a long-awaited vision is now, at last, coming to a reality.” 

 Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville said the World Bank is funding the $210m facility. The contractor is ABC Contractors. 

 The facility’s amenities will include an oncology centre allowing Grand Bahama residents to remain on the island for cancer treatment like chemotherapy rather than travel to New Providence.

 “Y’all know the challenges we currently face with the Rand Memorial Hospital and the services provided,” Dr Darville said. “And from government to government, we have been tagging along trying to do our best and the time has finally come.”  

 Dr Darville said drawings had been made for nine new clinics throughout the Family Islands. He said 41 clinics in the country are being renovated.


Sickened 1 year, 1 month ago

I'm pretty sure the final product will be a fairly attractive 20 bed hospital with a woefully under-powered generator and spotty air conditioning. Oh... and one mango tree to complete the landscaping.

pablojay 1 year, 1 month ago

Where will the new hospital be located,West End,Freeport, East End? I have spoken with five people on the island and nobody nows the location and the ZNS report did not mention the location either i was told.

birdiestrachan 1 year, 1 month ago

It is to bad the location is not stated it should be but if you know where Dr Bethel clinic is, where the medical school is, it is Lucaya

TalRussell 1 year, 1 month ago

Premiership "Brave" speaks only of the promise of the Magic City --- But not the failures --- And lack of accountability. --- Holding Bahamians.back. --- That if you wanted to start a business --- or live in Freeport ----They didn't want you. --- The solutions to today's Freeport problems -- Will not be solved by dredging up --- Yesterday's Magic City thinking. --- No No Yes Yes?

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