Rolle: Second phase of downtown revitalisation plan to begin soon


Randy Rolle


Tribune Staff Reporter


SENATOR Randy Rolle said the government will soon start the second phase of its downtown revitalisation plan after demolishing six abandoned buildings this year.

“We’re going to look at beautifying these spaces,” he said in the Senate yesterday.

Mr Rolle, the head of the downtown revitalisation efforts, said the government is looking to bring eco-friendly segways as an alternative mode of transportation.

He noted that tourists visiting Bay Street say there is little to do.

“We want to see guests coming off the cruise port, looking downtown, checking some of the areas out and going to the 66 steps, going to Fort Charlotte and checking out some historical sites,” he said.

He also foreshadowed the emergence of pedestrianised areas.

He said officials are working out the logistics to relocate bus stops by early next year.


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