When you’re feeling Blue


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FEELING the blues after the four-day Easter weekend? That just means that you are on target with one of the hottest trends in Spring Fashion for 2024.

Designers have filled the runways with a wide array of soft, feminine and romantic shades of the palest blues such as powder blue, ice blue, pastel blue or sky blue and its a great colour base to create some perfect looks for all your spring looks.

This colour choice works for our minimalist divas, who traditionally shy away from bolder shades such as fuschia, turquoise, purple, bold prints or the heavily floral prints associated with this time of year.

One of the easiest and fairly cheap ways to experiment with a colour you want to try, but not permanently invest in is grabbing that shade at your next mani and pedi apppointment.

You may want to just do a French tip in blue, or incorporate the colour fully or even pair it with some slight floral accents.

But our guess is that you will fall in love with the colour every time you glance at your nails or toes.

Reach for these shades when you are out and about - O.P.I, It’s a Boy, Essi Salt Water, Happy or Zoya Blu.

Another way to add pops of the colour to your wardrobe is to add a few cute accessories to your shopping cart.

If you are a denim girl, consider getting the softest denim blue and you are right on trend.

And if you prefer denim sparkle, we gat you - with the daintiest denim rhinestone encrusted shoes that while make your heart sing.

These shoes pair great with an all-white outfit, or floral dress.

And don’t forget your handbag, whether you are a small and sweet just lipstick and phone kinda girl or a take everything but the kitchen sink in a bag kinda girl, there is a powder blue handbag for you in the perfect price for your budget.

If jewelry is your thing consider a chunky statement necklace or go dainty and more expensive with a blue pendant necklace or earrings.

Powder Blue is a great paired with a wide array of colors, it always looks crisp and fresh with white, bold with black or navy and pretty with other pastels such as yellow and pink.

And its softness means that it won’t be too overpowering in a head to toe look.


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