GB $15m solar project in end-April commissioning

Fairfield site

Fairfield site

THE contractor charged with building and operating a $15m utility-scale solar project on Grand Bahama yesterday said the site will be commissioned at end-April 2024.

Inti Corporation, the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, in a statement disclosed that the Fairfield site it is developing on behalf of Lucayas Solar Power will be Grand Bahama’s first utility-scale renewable energy project. It has also been contracted to build a second solar facility.

Owen Bethel, Inti Corporation’s chief executive, said: “The commissioning of the Fairfield site is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work. It reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability and providing reliable, renewable energy solutions. This is a key step forward in our mission to transition towards a more sustainable future.”

In addition to Fairfield, Mr Bethel said progress is being made at the Devon site. “The Corporation is making significant progress on the Devon solar project site. The site is currently in the advanced stages of development and is expected to further expand Inti Corporation’s capacity to help meet some of Grand Bahama’s energy demands, while also reducing the carbon footprint,” he added.

Both the Fairfield and Devon projects are part of a broader initiative to invest in clean energy technologies that benefit the environment and communities alike.


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