NIB comes through after long wait

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I had filed an appeal at NIB in September 2021. It would appear that for some reason the appeal was “sat on” for about two years. I protested and the door suddenly and finally opened. In late January 2024, I was finally able to stand before the Board of Appeals; a very distinguished, warm and level-headed panel of nine persons. I had an earlier invite to appear in October 2023. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend at the time and had to reschedule. 

The appeal process went really well, and I was very proud of that panel. Their decision, in my view, was a wise, fair and very courageous one as they had thoroughly weighed all the evidence brought before them. After reading their decision in February, I also realised that “the decision was a unanimous one” and my heart was greatly warmed. Not only because I had won the appeal; but also because of the satisfactory sense of knowing that justice can still be found in this country for those who truly seek it and are ready and willing to fight to ensure that it happens. This was very comforting to me and that idea alone caused a smile to appear on my face. My initial thought was: “Thank God, that the future of our country still appears to be in very good hands!”

I have been waiting to receive my benefit payment since the ruling, but it seems that Mr Shane Albury is having “a really tough time organising and getting all of his ducks lined up in a single row”. He said something one week about awaiting word from “his colleagues in Claims”. Then the week he promised that payment should have come, turned out to be nothing short of an empty bag. Something was said about a timeline not being able to be honoured! Wow! What a black eye! I registered this claim in September 2021, it is now April 2024. Mr Albury, the way you kept juggling dates and times around was very awkward to me. The thing is, that I do not follow directions down a rabbit hole” all that well. Remember, snakes can be found at that level too. That is why I like and appreciate the glare of “the sunlight” because --it is the “best disinfectant” known to mankind.

Mr Albury, if I were your sibling, how long would I have had to wait to get straight? If I were closely related to your colleagues in Claims, those same ones that you said you are waiting to hear from, do you think they would have hollered back by now? No, no, please, you don’t have to answer that; it is just a rhetorical question that has crept its way across my open mind. But I trust that between your “willingness to make it happen,” the Claims Department, and the challenges that you spoke of, things can be swiftly ironed out now.

I also understand that Mrs Sheryl Charlow has moved off the scene (perhaps into retirement). That is bitter-sweet, please send her my warmest regards. She was a manager whose words had substance and will be sorely missed! 



April 10, 2024.


realitycheck242 2 months, 1 week ago

Madam "long wait" since you won your appeals after meeting with the Board of Appeals board in January 2024 your claims process has effectively just began in January 2024 in spite of putting in your initial claim in September 2021. The claims process has to go through the Claims department, Audit Department, accounting systems and Information technology procedures and signed of by managers in each department each step of the way. It may comfort you to know that this process will take a few more months but you will be back paid from the approval date.

birdiestrachan 2 months, 1 week ago

What a brilliant idea sir Pindling, had so many were against it I did not see the benefits at
That Time

stillwaters 2 months, 1 week ago

I totally agree, Birdie.......kudoes to Pindling!!! But how are we going to keep any government from using it as a convenient slush fund? The person who stops that will be a true Bahamian HERO.

LastManStanding 2 months, 1 week ago

How is it going to stay afloat as the Bahamian demographic collapse finishes? The problem with NIB, and a lot of wealth redistribution schemes, is that it really is nothing more than a somewhat elegant Ponzi scheme that depends on consistent population growth to be viable (which is quite frankly not happening here, nor anywhere else in the developed world). Even if the government didn't just simply piss away whatever money they received in contributions, young Bahamians are too financially stressed on average to maintain the fertility rate needed to keep it afloat. The government will continue to raise rates but truthfully that is not enough, and payments will have to be slashed/age raised/or some other measures taken in order to account for the fact that long term the Bahamas is shifting to a top heavy demographic pyramid. Mass immigration is not a solution, as first world countries are starting to figure out, as most immigrants are nothing but a net tax negative on the host country, defeating the purpose of bringing them there in the first place. Raise the tax burden too much and people will just simply emigrate if they have the opportunity. The original critics of NIB saw all of this, and their criticisms were certainly valid. It might work for a time, but simply is unsustainable on a large scale in the long term.

carltonr61 2 months, 1 week ago

Lucky you. 15151611 filed a complaint on 31/1/24. After being illegally and wrongfully dismissed from my job at Base Road after some 40 years only to find out no contributions were paid since 2022 then to find out my employer/brother George Robinson Jr. paid my contributions at a salary of $400.00 all those years even though from about 1996 our father George Robinson Sr. paid us all 800.00 per week. I have not heard from the supervisor miss Duncomb or or the agent, Allen. The problem is, at 63 I planned to enjoy my NIB benefits. Another problem we paid in cash. I pleaded with NIB that it is impossible to pay monthly mortgage feed clothe and educate 4 children by myself a sole provider on $400.00 per week. ThecLabor Board is even worst claiming I am owed gour thousand dollars $4,000:00 after 40 years of management. Sometimes the courts may do justice for some. I pray to God for my case.

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