January’s 21 murders most in at least a decade


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THE murder rate in January increased by 163 per cent compared to January 2023.

The 21 murders last month were the most the country has recorded in January in at least a decade.

According to The Tribune’s records, eight people were killed in 2023, eight in 2022, ten in 2021, six in 2020, two in 2019, nine in 2018, 14 in 2017, eight in 2016, ten in 2015, and 11 in 2014.

The record for murders in a year is 145 in 2015.

This year’s murder tally increased after a man was killed in Chippingham yesterday morning and after a previous shooting victim died.

Police in New Providence were alerted around 6.20am by shot spotter technology to a shooting on Providence Avenue. When officers arrived at the scene, they saw a man lying face down on the ground with multiple gunshots about the body.

 A police official at the scene reported that the victim was just about to leave his residence when two males approached him.

 One of the men, armed with a high-powered weapon, approached the victim and shot him multiple times.

 Emergency Medical Personnel arrived on the scene and examined the victim, but found no signs of life.  

 The police official said the suspects also stole the victim’s gold-coloured Honda Accord and left the area, making good their escape.

 The vehicle was later recovered by the police.

 In Grand Bahama, police reported that the 61-year-old man who was shot on January 23 died of his injuries in hospital around 9.45pm on Sunday, February 4.

 Officers were called to the man’s residence on Oleander Street around 7pm on January 23 to investigate a shooting incident.  

 According to reports, the victim was at his residence when he got into a physical altercation with a 38-year-old man. The situation escalated, and the suspect produced a firearm, shooting the victim.


John 4 months, 1 week ago

The first murder of 2024 was committed by an American citizen, according to information revealed in a recent court hearing. And, according to the minister of national security, a number of December and January murders are connected to the same incident. He could not give details, but a significant arrest today should help police to bring closure to this matter and stem these unusual numbers of killings. But it should not bring full comfort and relief to Bahamians as the country’s name and reputation is still in tge nedua all around the world and the economic fallout, especially in tourism, can be drastic and long lasting. And remember too, of tge 24 murders, ALL the victims weee Bahamian. As to reducing other murders that is not a part of the ‘spurt’ several ministers have spoken up. The minister of national security says tge ankle monitor and bail process is being reviewed. The PM is pushing the bail review act. The minister of education says a number of programs have been introduced in schools specifically targeted vat males and at risk males to help curb gang involvement and violence and the minister of foreign affairs says his government has boots on the ground in the depreessed areas of New Providence implementing social and economic programs that is expected to assist with crime and violence reduction in these areas. So all is not doom and gloom. All is not list for Bahamians. Tourists live this country and so it should be an ‘all hands on deck to keep Bahamians, visitors and everyone else safe and bring swift justice to those who seek to create disharmony, disrupt peace and tranquility and take lives.

bahamianson 4 months, 1 week ago

We are records breakers in rape as well. Long live Carnival where women are honored.

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