Six Senses Hotel and Residences project could begin construction by summer - if approvals granted


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CONSTRUCTION could start on the proposed Six Senses Hotel and Residences project in Grand Bahama by this summer if approvals are granted by the end of the month when the 21-day environmental public consultative period expires.

Mark Weller, president of Weller Development, said the 36-acre development will be built to withstand a category five storm such as Hurricane Dorian.

“We are creating construction resiliency throughout the entire project and make sure it can withstand anything Mother Nature can give it,” he said.

“We are making sure we build at certain heights and certain codes so that even if a large-scale hurricane comes by, it would be unscathed.”

On January 30, Weller Development hosted an environmental public consultative meeting at the Pelican Bay Resort. The process is a requirement by the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP). It allows the developer to discuss the environmental impact, get feedback from the public, hear concerns, and answer questions about the project.

Beach erosion and hiring opportunities for Bahamians were some of the concerns raised at the meeting.

He stated that there will be many employment and vendor opportunities for Bahamians.

Designed by architects 3XN, the resort village will comprise 45 waterfront and canal villas, with 2,400 feet (732 metres) of beach frontage and water on three sides. Amenities include a signature restaurant, beach venue, boathouse, and pool bar. Future development plans will include a marina.

Mr Weller said the Six Senses residences will be a high-end, full-service product for clientele that cares about health, wellness, sustainability, and the environment.

Aranha Pyfrom, assistant director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection, said that in addition to an EIA, developers must hold a public consultative meeting to share their vision and to receive feedback about the project from residents.

He said the developer is required to post the meeting recording on its website within 48 hours of the meeting.

Mr Pyfrom noted that the principal concern for most coastal projects is the movement and loss of the beach sand.

“From the meeting, there were no red flags, but there were a few orange caution flags raised in the questions. We still have 21 business days for people to send their questions and concerns. So, the process is not finished yet,” he said.


TalRussell 5 months ago

Dammit! --- Comrade Mr. Mark Weller's, proposed Six Senses Hotel and Residences project, must have begun, come the start of summer 2024.--- Down in Grand Bahama, Sixty+ percent of its popoulaces, are down to serving their Grits with no butter. ---- Yes?

BMW 5 months ago

Pea brain we got plenty butter in Grand Baham! If the D.E.E.P. so concerned about beach erosion why the hell they allow the removal of beach sand from the southern shores of Grand Bahama! Maybe they only come out when they can be a nuisance to G.B, getting ahead

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