Wilchcombe funds

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Social media was rife when news broke that the Government had used money budgeted for our disabled community to throw a party for one of their own party faithful.

It was passing strange that about the same time that Obie Wilchcombe passed the baton of life that Dr Elwood Donaldson, one of the “Dissident Eight” also passed the baton in the competing lane of politics.

I don’t know if Chairman Sands has a Treasury Cheque Book and certainly a celebration of the life of Dr Donaldson at a swanky resort destination would not have been out of place, but instead Dr Sands had to hold the celebration of Dr Donaldson’s life at Party HQ on Mackey Street.

Dr Sands, of course, would not have countenanced using money earmarked for any Bahamian cohort even if he had the right cheque book. The question that begs an answer, of course, is why was Obie’s life not celebrated on Farrington Road and paid for by the party instead of our disabled community.

It would appear that getting money from the Treasury is a pretty easy thing for the governing party, but is it legal?



February 27, 2024.


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