Red-Line supports Great Commissions Ministries

The Red-Line Athletics Track Club head off to Florida on Saturday to comnpete in AAU meet.

The Red-Line Athletics Track Club head off to Florida on Saturday to comnpete in AAU meet.


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BEFORE heading off to North Florida over the weekend for the AAU Track and Field Championships, the Red-Line Athletics Track Club made their fourth annual donation to the Great Commissions Ministries.

Red-Line Athletics made a cheque presentation of $1,700 and a parcel of food items on Friday at the original Thomas A. Robinson Track and Field Stadium to Tameka Moxey, the office administrator at Great Commissions Ministries.

“We know for many years, Great Commissions Ministries has been doing a wonderful job helping those less fortunate, so we just want to do our part to assist,” said Red-Line’s head coach Tito Moss.

“This is our fourth year in a row and God-willing, we will do it again. We just want to continue to bless the ministry and continue to bless the lives of those persons who are in need.”

Moss, who was accompanied by his children Morgan and Madison Moss, said every year, the club challenges their athletes “to make a contribution, if they are able to, to make a contribution to those less fortunate,” Moss said.

“Most of the kids are in private schools, so they are able to give a little more. But we are still trying to challenge them so that each one can reach one.”

In accepting the donation from Red-Line Athletics, Moxey said Great Commissions Ministries appreciate the support they have gotten.

“I remember the last time I was here, you guys have helped us out a lot and so we really appreciate all that you do for us,” she said. 

“We feed people every day and we give away food every day, so this will go right into our pantry, which is actually empty right now.

“So we thank you very much and we know that God will continue to bless you.”

Great Commissions, founded by Bishop Walter Hanchell, is still in need of meat and food that they can cook and any groceries that they can distribute.

Moxey noted that Great Commissions also provides a male and female shelter homes, which are also in need of items to be used by the residents. Additionally, Moxey said their Great Commissions had a fire in a portion of their office on Wulff Road and Moxey said they are also trying to repair the damages at the same time.

Moxey said there are persons who approach them because they are in need of assistance to get housing for themselves and their children.

And she said there are persons who are contemplating suicide and they have to witness to them to change their minds. 

Moss said he wishes the club could do more because the needs of the Great Commission are great.

“This year, we were able to make a contribution of $1,700 and hopefully next year, we hope to do at least $3,000 or more,” Moss stated. 

“It’s a worthy cause so I want us to do more and, as the head coach of this club, will challenge them to do more because there are kids in this country who are struggling. 

“A lot of our club members are doing very well, but I want them to remember their brothers and sisters who are less fortunate,” Moss said.

Red-Line Athletics Club, with 29 members, are now in Florida where they are competing in the AAU Track and Field Championships this week, along with a few other local clubs. 


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