Baha Mar Foundation donates over $60,000 to local charity organisations


Tribune Staff Reporter 


THE Baha Mar Resort Foundation donated more than $60,000 to four community organisations yesterday.

The donations were from the Baha Mar Resort Foundation’s annual charity golf tournament in May, which raised $210,000. They will be shared with nine organisations.

Baha Mar’s vice senior president of government affairs, Robert Sands, presented the Bahamas Down Syndrome Association with $15,000, the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled received $20,000, the Salvation Army received $20,000, and Hands for Hunger received $15,000.

The Nex Gen Young Men Mentorship is expected to receive $5,000.

“The Baha Mar Resort Foundation believes that The Bahamas is good to Baha Mar, so Baha Mar should also be good to The Bahamas,” Mr Sands said during the donation conference at the resort. “As much as we enjoy being in the hospitality industry and serving the general public, we equally enjoy giving back to the community in which regenerate our rewards.”

Patricia Francis, director of the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled, said the donation will go a long way to meeting the needs of those with disabilities. She also said the organisation is developing a programme and getting a new building to facilitate it.

Betty Taylor, the Bahamas Down Syndrome Association (BDSA) president, said the donation will pay for a specially designated building for people with Down syndrome so they can have a place to go and not be stuck at home.

“We don’t want to finance it where we have to go through the bank and be paying for years,” she said. “So we’re saving, begging, and selling socks whatever it takes. We are doing that to get our building.”


ExposedU2C 1 week, 2 days ago

Baha Mar should be made to pay for its electricity at the same outrageously high rates that most Bahamians and their businesses will be charged by BPL if the corrupt cabal of marauders led by the conniving and very greedy Snake are allowed to seize control of our nation's entire energy sector for pennies on the dollar of its true value and with no regard to the national security considerations and implications involved.

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