Pintard sets sights on campaign

FNM Party Leader Michael Pintard speaks during the 2024 FNM Convention held at Baha Mar on June 1, 2024. Photo: Dante Carrer/Tribune Staff

FNM Party Leader Michael Pintard speaks during the 2024 FNM Convention held at Baha Mar on June 1, 2024. Photo: Dante Carrer/Tribune Staff


The FNM convention is done. The party has chosen its leader. Michael Pintard stays at the helm. Dr Hubert Minnis has been told his time is over, or “one and done” as Hubert Ingraham declared before the vote outcome.

Mr Pintard did the right thing when he gave his speech after the vote – looking towards what’s next.

Because that’s what matters now for the country’s voters, rather than picking over the bones of a leadership race between two men who obviously appeared to have significant strain between them.

So what will a government run by Mr Pintard look like?

He has set out some of his planned policies – land reform, for one, which is something he has talked about for a considerable time, so clearly something at heart rather than a quick response to the leadership race outcome.

He also talked about reducing taxes – though admittedly that can be a thing many a politician has promised in opposition then discovered it’s harder to do once you have to pay the bills in office.

The details of that would see elimination of VAT in a number of categories, and VAT has been a rallying point for the FNM throughout this administration.

Mr Pintard also pledged to improve the ease of doing business in the country – which, heaven help us all, we could all benefit from.

He also criticised the lack of transparency and accountability from the PLP government, which given the variety of topics which we are lacking answers from the government on is a very valid target.

He also pledged to eliminate outside toilets – which is a legacy putting the lie to the claim that we live in a modern Bahamas.

Speaking of such a thing, he also talked of ensuring every Family Island has at least one bank, which would prevent Bahamians being disenfranchised depending on where they live.

It is a long way from a final platform, but it is certainly the beginnings of what people can expect from a campaign when we get closer to the election.

There is also talk of a more independent Parliament, and moves to prevent ministerial overreach.

His talk of the lack of transparency and accountability from the PLP would be better off if it was to be backed up by specific pledges on how he would do things differently, as well as promises on implementation of Freedom of Information – promises that are actually then lived up to.

Part of the to and fro we have seen from administration to administration has been because of a frustration from Bahamians of being kept in the dark, of feeling government is not accountable for the things it has done, of feeling that a government does what it likes and doesn’t bother telling the people about it.

Can we break that cycle? Can governments become truly accountable, actual representatives of the people rather than remote and unaccountable?

If we can, then that is truly what’s next on the agenda for the Bahamian people.


birdiestrachan 1 month, 2 weeks ago

The Fnm love to talk about no Vat on bread basket items chief among them are flour and cooking oil it benefited bakeries and hotels then they increased Vat 60%0n every thing else which they never mentioned they can only fool a real fool out door toilets old story many of the house will need a extra room for a bath room Mr pintard is not for real just spin and spin old boy youth hell he is no youth just another FNM lie

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