Kwasi: Make sure $2bn investment felt by GB


EAST Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson. (File photo)


Tribune Freeport Reporter


KWASI Thompson, MP for East Grand Bahama and Shadow Minister for Grand Bahama, has urged the PLP government to ensure the $2bn investment touted by the government brings tangible benefits to Grand Bahamians.

He said the FNM approved and negotiated Carnival’s Celebration Key and the GB Shipyard expansion, worth over $1bn.

“We are extremely pleased by the progress of these investments, which we believe will bring opportunities for Bahamians ” Mr Thompson said.

He listed other projects initiated and approved by the FNM, including the West Atlantic University School of Medicine, Discovery Bay, Six Senses Grand Bahama, Freeport Harbour Cruise Port Development, and the Grand Bahama Airport Development.

Mr Thompson said the FNM is proud of its efforts to attract quality investments that are finally manifesting in the post-pandemic environment.

He said it does not matter how many billions are promised; what matters is the shovels in the ground and what Bahamians can feel.

Mr Thompson said he believes there is more the Davis administration could and should be doing to accelerate the pace of revitalisation of Grand Bahama.

In the meantime, he called for the government to do several things, including removing all roadblocks to ensure investments move quickly from approvals to shovel in the ground and implementing a paid training programme for skills required in Grand Bahama in conjunction with all the potential investors.

He is also calling on the government to encourage the Grand Bahama Port Authority to approve micro-business licences for companies without the need for physical spaces with a $100 fee.

He wants the government to work with the GBPA to ensure vendors/peddlers permits are liberalised further to permit a wider range of businesses to take advantage of the new developments and work with the Small Business Development Center, GBPA, and industry to agree to centralise maritime training and business development on the island to take advantage of new maritime developments.

Finally, he said the government must provide funding and support to the University of the Bahamas Northern campus and ensure that it is a catalyst for developing and attracting technology incubators, labs, and research facilities, as well as start-up and established technology and logistics companies.


birdiestrachan 3 months, 1 week ago

Yes and the Fnm paid 65 million for a hotel they could not sell and and was fooled by a dollar for the airport flood land

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