Sewerage upgrades at Arawak Cay expected to be completed in four weeks




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SEWERAGE upgrades at Arawak Cay should be completed within four weeks, according to the project’s operations manager.

Leyvon Miller said his team is doing all it can to meet the deadline despite encountering several challenges.

“The team at WSC has been actively engaged in the upgrade,” he told reporters. “Of course, like we informed the public earlier, we ran into a small unforeseen challenge with the tide.”

“But as far as our plan, it is still on target. Our dates are still set. What we had said to the public is that we will take somewhere between six to eight weeks. That still looks like a good mark to meet.”

The lack of a proper sewerage system has impacted Arawak Cay for years, giving the destination an unattractive look and smell. The $130,000 upgrade will allow increased water flow to meet peak demand times at the site.

Mr Miller previously said the clogged pipes were caused by an accumulation of grease and debris over the past five to seven years.

He said the pipe size has been increased from eight to ten inches, and the Water and Sewerage Corporation will be jetting the new lines to ensure that high blockage does not reoccur.

“What I want the Bahamian people to appreciate is firstly, sewer belongs nowhere except for the inside of a pipe,” Mr Miller said. “Sewer anywhere outside of a pipe is a massive problem. We are taking the steps necessary to correct that.”

“What you will find with regards to the aesthetics, having the sewer challenge addressed will instantly deal with things like the stray animal population, with the odour control population, with just food safety issues etc.”


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