Road repairs completed in 14 areas of New Providence

MINISTER of Works Clay Sweeting.
Photo: OPM

MINISTER of Works Clay Sweeting. Photo: OPM


Tribune Staff Reporter


WORKS Minister Clay Sweeting gave an update on the country’s road repairs with 65 miles of arterial and community roads to be completed across New Providence.

To date road repairs in 14 areas of New Providence have been completed, with repairs on Bellot Road and Christie Street currently ongoing.

During the weekly press briefings at the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr Sweeting noted his ministry’s commitment to ensuring that the infrastructure of the country is up-to-par with modern-day amenities.

“In the month of January, paving has been completed on Yamacraw Shores, East Street South, between Cordeaux and Palm Tree Avenue, an unnamed road off Abundant Life Road, Bank Lane and Jubilee Gardens,” Mr Sweeting said.

“In February paving works were carried out in Kennedy Subdivision, Forg Avenue, Philox Court, Zinna Street, Pine Forest, Vernon Street, Collies Avenue, Carmichael Road, Ramsey Road to Bacardi Road, Cowpen Road, 1000 feet west of Faith Avenue Junction and Bellot Road from McKinney to Sir Milo Butler.”

He noted that the cost has not increased and total funding remains at $98,210,000, which is inclusive of road repairs, sidewalk construction and drainage repairs in New Providence and the Family Islands.

Drainage works are in progress for areas such as Dowdeswell Street, Christie Street, and Carmichael Road West, according to Minister Sweeting.


John 4 months ago

It would have been nice if the minister would say how they propose not implement a more effective roadworks potholes repair program. Motorists should not still have to deal with potholes half the road wide and some almost two feet deep. Breaking up vehicles and increasing the stress and anger levels. Crews should be out daily patching the roads effectively so when the rainy season starts next month, there wouldn’t be so much wash away if roads. A dedicated approach can eliminate the problem of dangerous potholes that cost expensive damage to vehicles,

moncurcool 4 months ago

Prayer tell why Bellot Road is freshly paved, and Fire Trail Road, Cowpen Road, Blue Hill Road South and East Street South, roads that are much more traversed and terrible, cannot be paved.

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