Tourist dies in boating accident

A TOURIST has died after a boating accident on Wednesday afternoon near Eleuthera.

The 67-year-old man from Montero, US, was reportedly taking part in a diving excursion in waters near Winding Bay at about 4.25pm with family members when he was struck by a vessel.

He suffered severe injuries to the upper body, police reported, and was retrieved from the water, where resucitation efforts were made until the arrival of a doctor, who confirmed no signs of life.

Investigations continue.

• Police also reported a loaded firearm being confiscated on Wednesday evening. Shortly after 6pm, mobile patrols in the Wellington Street area saw a lone man dressed in dark clothing acting suspiciously. The man fled on seeing the officers. Searching the area, officers found a firearm containing ammunition.


AnObserver 3 months ago

Will the operator of the vessel be charged for the human life that they took due to their own negligence and poor decision making? If it was a tourist, has their passport been seized?

DillyTree 3 months ago

Let's let the investigation continue before pointing fingers at the vessel operator.

While this may have been the case, the question was if the excursion had dive flags posted, thus alerting nearby boats that there were divers in the water. Or was the victim swimming far away from the others and not near the boat? Or perhaps in a channel where boat traffic typically is? There are a lot of variables here that need to be investigated before looking to place blame.

In any case, a tragic accident with condolences to the family members.

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